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By Snap'n Strain


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Clip this attachable strainer securely onto pots and pans to drain out liquid seamlessly. Its heat-resistant silicone conforms to the size of the container and snaps on securely, so you can tilt and pour with ease. The built-in spout gives you control of where you pour that pasta water, grease, or whatever needs draining. Plus, its compact design easily stores in a kitchen drawer.

  • Materials: Clip: Stainless steel 304; Strainer: heat-resistant, BPA-free silicone
  • Care: Dishwasher safe
  • Eliminates the need to transfer food out of the pot when straining out liquid
  • Flexible enough to fit all round pot, pan, or bowl rims 1/4 inch thick and smaller
  • Small, compact design takes up minimal storage and dishwasher space
  • Two rust-proof clips ensure a strong grip on the pot or pan
  • Large spout makes it easy to drain out liquid
  • Recommended uses: Vegetables, potatoes, pasta, grains
  • Note: Clip onto pot just before draining; do not clip onto pot for extended periods of time before starting to cook
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 9.06" x 3.74" x 2.36"
  • Weight: 0.37 lb.

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doesn't work

12/9/2016 by Linda

Bought one for myself and one for my daughter. She gave me hers back so I could put in a garage sale. The strainer would not stay on her pan. Maybe you need a certain kind of pan to make it work. I don't know. I tried it on one of my fry pans and was able to get it to clip on but only after really playing with it for a while--trying it on various size pans, etc. Not impressed. Good idea but not workable.More > < Less



11/20/2016 by Heather

The "clips" pictured do not actually function as clips, so to attach the strainer, one must fight the pot with both hands--undesirable when the pot is empty and cold; impossible when it is full and hot. Wish I could post a picture or video, but Grommet does not allow. After one (failed) use the Snap'n Strain is in the trash.More > < Less


Hard to use

11/9/2016 by Krystal

I'm going to try and clip it on before I use the pan, too hot to try after it has been cooking


Not good for older people

11/5/2016 by Brenda

I was really excited to get this.However I found being an older person with arthritis,this is to hard to get on the pan.The clamp's are to tight to open.More > < Less


Had to return it

10/26/2016 by Michael

Doesn not work with pots that have a distinct lip around the edge, had to return it. Would have been better had that been noted in the advertising.

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A smaller colander that works better than a big one.

About Snap'n Strain

Strain in the Pan

Clip this attachable strainer directly onto any pot or pan and seamlessly transfer out any liquid.

Instead of juggling a separate colander, Snap’n Strain clasps on extra securely—so you can tilt confidently.

Made from durable BPA-free silicone and rust-proof steel, Snap’n Strain resists the high temperatures of hot liquids and dishwashers alike. The soft silicone conforms to different sized pots and its built-in spout gives you control as you pour.

And when you need to store it, this clip-on colander has a far lower profile than traditional ones. Keep it handy in a cupboard or drawer.