2-in-1 Grabber Cane

By Snapper Cane


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This reacher-grabber cane lends an extra hand (and leg). Press the button on the handle to grasp smaller, lightweight objects without putting strain on your back. A removable hook on the cane can hold a bag, keys, jacket . . . even the actual cane (if you flip it over).

  • Materials: Aluminum construction, plastic handle
  • Care: Hand wash with warm water
  • Cane includes built-in grabber and removable hook
  • To use grabber, hold cane with two hands off of the floor, press button inward on either right-hand side of cane handle. Prongs will exit bottom of cane. Place prong tips over desired item to grasp and gently squeeze bottom of handle to grab item. Still holding pressure on handle, pick up cane, and release pressure on handle to release item. To retract tips back into cane, squeeze bottom of handle upwards and press the cane gently on the floor
  • To remove hook, press lower end of attachment tab and pull it out of its bracket. To replace it for hanging purses or keys, install it from bottom up
  • Sturdy and lightweight walking cane helps overcome limited mobility
  • Grabber helps pick up glasses, keys, pills, napkins, and other small lightweight items
  • Hook can hold a bag, keys, jackets and more
  • Easy to store; hook can be turned upside down for hanging
  • Helpful for disability related to back problems, surgery recovery, arthritis, and other limited mobility issues
  • Comfort handle with rubberized grip
  • 33" is recommended for those under 5’ 4" tall. 36" is recommended for those 5’ 4" and taller
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 33": 33" x 6.5" x 1"; 36": 36" x 6.5" x 1"
  • Weight: 1 lb.

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Needed Walking and Grabbing Device

11/18/2017 by Martin

Very Pleased with the new Snapper Cane. I use a Grabitz every day and now I have the added benefit of a cane and a pick up capability.


Good buy

11/14/2017 by Linda

I like the idea of this cane. I was surprised that it came with extra grippers for the pick up part of the cane. The head of the cane looks like a duck with an eye. It picks up nicely.More > < Less


Love the cane

11/11/2017 by Terry

The best feature is the hook that you can move to eith hang it over something or turn it the other wag to hang a handbag or grocery bag on I /> I haven’t had to use the grabber thing but I tried it out abundance it works well.More > < Less


Silicone on handle

3/27/2019 by Angela

I bought this cane last year for my husband. He loves this cane but the silicone on the handle slips off. I have glued it on with gorilla glue and after a month it came off again. I tried super glue but the gorilla glue seems to work better but after a month it still came off. If anyone has suggestions on what else I should use, I would appreciate your input.More > < Less


Good cane

2/16/2019 by Spike

Grabber not so hot. Hook at top, invaluable.

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Snapper Cane | 2-in-1 Grabber Cane

About Snapper Cane

Lean on Me

This reacher-grabber cane not only offers an extra leg, it also offers an extra hand. Its sturdy design has a two pronged grabber built in, so you can pick up fallen objects without bending over.

A button on the handle lets you release and retract the grabber to grasp dropped keys, glasses, and napkins without putting strain on your back. There’s also a removable hook you can hang a purse, bag, keys, or jacket from, or hang the cane itself from, by turning the hook upside down.

Whether you’re going through a quick recovery, or something more long term, Snapper Cane is one to lean on.