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This reusable painters tape is not like the typical (often ineffective) kind. The edges are lined with a gel polyurethane adhesive that gets into the micro-grooves on surfaces, preventing paint from bleeding and seeping. The result is a sharp, smooth paint line. Choose the tape that works best for the job—Specialty Surface for unfinished, primed, or matte surfaces, or Multi-Surface for glossy or eggshell finishes, or anything that’s being re-painted.

  • Made in the USA: Oshkosh, WI
  • Materials: Polyurethane gel/bead on the edges of masking paper
  • Use: Make certain that surface is clean of dirt and dust prior to application. Always test in a hidden area first. For more details, please see user manual
  • Press down firmly and consistently on the edge for complete adhesion (or use a roller). Pull tape within 12 hours
  • Please note: The types of tape relate to the surface you are painting on, not the type of paint you are using
  • Specialty Surfaces (Primed/Flat/Delicate): Recommended for unfinished, primed, matte, and easily damaged high-energy surfaces. Also works well on stained woodwork, steel, glass, countertops, and other delicate surfaces
  • Multi-Surface (Eggshell/Satin/Semi-Gloss): Recommended for eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss low-energy surfaces. Also works on woodwork, concrete, and glossy surfaces
  • Ideal uses include: Between walls and ceilings, along wood trim, chair rails, or baseboards, around glass on doors or windows, or anywhere two colors meet
  • Features unique, polyurethane gel
  • Prevents paint bleeding
  • Reusable
  • Dimensions: 1.25" x 75'
  • Weight: 0.56 lb.

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So so


I tried it an old house with plaster walls. I felt I needed more instruction with how to make a perfect line. Did I need to rub something over the line to make sure the tape got in every groove? It was better than regular painter's tape.


'SnotTape's Response:
Hi Judy, we would first like to apologize for our delayed response—though there are no excuses for our late reply, 'SnotTape is growing and we now have the infrastructure to personally address customer issues. We recommend using a roller to help get the gel into the gaps on your wall's surface to help give you a perfect line.
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I'm sorry, this tape kept peeling out and won't stick in some areas. I've stop using it. 'SnotTape's Response: Hi Donna, We are sorry to hearorry to hear that the tape wasn't sticking in some areas. If the tape isn't sticking, the more sticky Multi-Surface is recommended for your project.More > < Less


Didn't stick


It just didnt stick as well as I expected
When it did stick there was no bleeding


Treated walls not so good


I had a rough treated wall and still had some bleed through. It is reusable, so that statement is accurate. 'SnotTape's Response: Hi Sharon,> Hi Sharon, With some more information we may be able to get to the bottom of this. Would you be willing to email some details about your project and surface to [email protected]? We are always looking for ways to improve and would love some more insight into your application problems.More > < Less




Maybe I used it incorrectly, but It did not work very well. The direction, while good, were horribly organized!! Bits of info were scattered all over the place--some on the box, some on the direction section. I haven't tried it again since having found ALL of the directions. Will give it one last try sometime.More > < Less

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'SnotTape | Paint Barrier

About 'SnotTape

Paint Straight

Dave Gruenwald created his own reusable painters tape after an epic struggle to paint his den. The dark red paint he used bled and seeped onto the white ceiling, and no matter what type of tape he used—and he tried just about all of them—he couldn’t get a clean line.

Leaning on his engineering background, he came up with ‘SnotTape. What’s special about this Made in the USA tape is the gel polyurethane adhesive that lines both edges. It acts almost like a putty, filling in micro-grooves and gaps (that you probably can’t even see) on surfaces, preventing paint from sneakily seeping in. The result is a clean, crisp line.

The gel also makes the tape flexible, so it’s easy to reposition and reuse. It works on many surfaces, from walls to furniture to bricks, and there are different tapes to best suit your project. Thanks to Dave’s struggle, the rest of us can paint sharp lines with less hassle.