Soak and Strain

Produce Washing Bowl

No Strain, No Gain

Fresh from the garden produce is tasty and good for us, but sand and grit add an unappetizing crunch we can do without. The Soak and Strain Produce Washing Bowl will shower your salad fixings with love and get rid of the unwanted “seasonings.”

The sturdy 3.5qt washing bowl has an easy grip handle and a hopper/strainer built in that will rinse the grime from fruits and vegetables and send it right down the drain leaving you with gleaming produce. The bowl is dishwasher-safe, hygienic and has a no-slip bottom.

everything a good “soak” then garnish with abandon. Soak and Strain is a well-kept kitchen secret you’ll be happy to share. Read More Read Less

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Esther

    Art and Cook is a marriage: of function to form, style to quality, inspiration to innovation.The Soak and Strain Washing Bowl marries an ordinary run of the mill colander to an extraordinary strainer with a built in Bowl saving you time and cleanup with a tool that has a multiple functions.Soak your fruits, veggies, pasta and more and then simply strain it out. Simple yet innovative! Come celebrate that marriage with us!

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