AUS-ION Steel 11" Wok


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This AUS-ION steel wok combines the best of cast iron and French steel pans—and is built to last a lifetime. It cooks similarly to cast iron, but handles more like French steel. Its seamless design is pre-seasoned and cooks evenly, and the longer handle is easy to maneuver and vented to stay cooler. Backed by a multi-century guarantee, this could be the last pan you ever buy.

  • Materials: Low carbon mild steel
  • Care: Do not use soap or put in dishwasher. Care similar to cast iron. See care instructions
  • Made for a Lifetime: Warranty covers materials and workmanship defects. It requires that care instructions are followed
  • Seamless one-piece iron, no rivets or welding
  • Pre-seasoned bare iron for a natural, non-toxic, forever-renewable, low-stick surface
  • No heat limits
  • Even-heating on any heat source
  • Strong neck webbing and vents dissipate heat to keep handle cool
  • Ergonomic handle; wide and concave design for comfort and control
  • Much lighter weight than cast iron pans
  • Made in Australia
  • Dimensions: 20" x 12" x 5.2"
  • Weight: 5.3 lbs.

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Be patient with the seasoning


I love this pan but almost didn't buy it when I read some of the comments about seasoning. I liked the idea of an heirloom pan that with features of cast iron - that wasn't iron. So glad I made the purchase. This pan takes time to season well - but if you are patient, it's the most unbelievable surface you will ever cook on.More > < Less


Made for a Lifetime


This wok has become my favorite pan. It is just as described easy to hold and manipulate and so very beautiful. It came in the sweetest cottoncotton bag. I hope it continues to perform as well as time goes by - am looking forward to never needing to buy another Wok in my lifetime.More > < Less


Rust on handle


really like the pan but when we got it there was rust on the handle where the map is cut out. After paying this price I was surprised by this.


Too expensive for quality


I purchased this wok and when I received it the box was not taped properly and when I opened the box the wok was bent at the top. So I had to return it and I still haven't got an e-mail concerning my refund.More > < Less


Not what I had hoped.


I followed the directions in seasoning the pan and then I tried cooking with it. The foot stuck and the seasoning or oil was very uneven. I ended up having to scrape the pan out, cleaned it and started over. I followed the directions again. It did not turn out looking like the picture at all. The oil once again is peeling off. Not what I expected. I gave the pan to my sister hoping she could do something with it. She told me to send it back but I'm afraid its too late for that. Very sad I didn't read any reviews or do more research before buying this pan.More > < Less

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This pan will outlive you.


Seamless Design

Steel cooking pans that combine the best of cast iron and French steel pans are going to be a game changer in your kitchen. They even might be the last pan you ever buy.

The Australian-made AUS-ION steel pans are created from one seamless piece of iron (steel). The dense material cooks similarly to cast iron, but is lighter and thinner. The result is a hard-core pan that heats evenly and maneuvers easily. The durable pans are built to last a lifetime—which is why SOLIDTEKNICS backs them with a multi-century warranty.

Founder Mark Henry’s design features a longer, vented handle that stays relatively cool and is easy to control. And, each pan is pre-seasoned, too. Clean it like cast iron—so no soap or dishwasher—and it will continue to season with each use.

With a guarantee to last a lifetime, if not more, these hard-core pans will prove to be the new workhorse in your kitchen.