Multi-Blade Sharpener

By Sol.inge

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Sol.inge is an all-in-one blade sharpener with self-adjusting plates—a feature that creates the right angle for whatever blade you need to sharpen. Two self-adjusting surfaces let you work on a variety of tools, from kitchen knives (even notoriously tricky serrated ones) to scissors, tweezers and many more. A stationery blade works for hefty tools like garden shears. A smaller pop-out blade even hones the blades on cheese graters, potato peelers, nail clippers, and other tinier tools.

  • Materials: 90% ABS plastic, 10% tungsten carbide 93HRA
  • Care: Top-rack dishwasher safe or hand wash with soap and warm water
  • Multi-purpose sharpening functions include: Kitchen knives, nail clippers, tweezers, scissors, shears, tools, garden clippers, swiss army knives, lawn mower blades, edge trimmers, pruners, axes, graters, serrated knives, can openers, and other specialty blade types
  • Made with durable tungsten carbide plates
  • Sharpens all knives from 6 to 36 degrees
  • Compact, multi-functional design
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Dimensions: 7" x 2.75" x 0.75"
  • Weight: 0.37 lb.

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A knife sharpener that works!!

6/28/2016 by David

I have a small collection of knives. I have a hard time keeping them sharp until now. This multi blade sharpener really works!!! With just a few swipes and my knives are razor sharp again. And it doesn't take a lot of effort. Very pleased!!More > < Less


Multi-Blade Sharpener

6/28/2016 by Naomi

I am impressed with this sharpener. It has sharpened every single knife in my house and I've never seen them cut this well in many years!


Like this !

6/24/2016 by Carrol Ann

Easy to use, does a good job. I have used it about 8 times and enjoying having sharp knives once again. Being able to use it for scissors and peelers is a real plus. Will make a great Christmas or birthday gift.More > < Less


Very well put together

6/23/2016 by Gena

I was first a little skeptical about the ability to do sharpen so many cutting tools, but I found Sol.Inge amazing! I have to say that the directionsctions of use are not very helpful considering that it has to be used in a certain way to make the most of it; Fortunately enough, I contacted the inventor and he just put up some tutorial videos on 'How to' sharpen all blades.
Very nice invention, very useful!
More > < Less


A quick way to restore an edge

6/21/2016 by Ward

I have many stainless knives, but when I bought some ceramic ones I used them exclusively instead, because of the time-consuming hassle of sharpening the steel ones. But because the Sol.inge sharpener is so quick to use, I'm now using all my knives. It does a good job with just a few swipes. Works fine on my scissors as well.More > < Less

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Go ahead—try to name a blade this can’t sharpen.

About Sol.inge

Stay Sharp

Most of us don’t sharpen our kitchen knives, tools, or other household blades correctly—if at all. Sol.inge’s blade sharpener is a single, multi-purpose tool that lets you keep many different blades in top form.

To properly sharpen, you need the right angle for the blade. Normally that would mean a special sharpener for every single tool. But Sol.inge’s tool has two sets of self-adjusting plates. They move to create the proper angle for sharpening each blade. Work on a variety of tools, from scissors to knives—even those with serrated blades.

A stationary blade lets you tackle heftier jobs like garden shears. And for smaller surfaces like cheese graters, nail clippers, and can openers, there’s a pop-out handle with a blade to get them in shape.

Creator Marc Adam has been perfecting this sharpener for years, combining his efforts with knife makers and engineers. He made this tool so versatile that it will put an end to dull, annoyingly ineffective blades.