N.O.W. Mindfulness Tone Therapy System

By solu

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This pair of meditation speakers helps you squeeze in a moment of mindfulness, wherever you might be. The well-made duo works in harmony to generate peaceful tones aimed at calming your mind, called New Origin Waveforms, or N.O.W. The sounds will never repeat, which helps keep you focused. The speakers automatically shut off after a three-minute-long session, leaving you to go about your day feeling refreshed.

  • Materials: Black chrome plated steel with plastic interior
  • Care: Wipe with cleaning cloth as needed
  • Includes: Two tone therapy speakers, instruction pamphlet, two USB charging cords, cleaning cloth
  • Instructions: Press and release ON button on both speakers. Listen without speaking. Return your focus to listening when thoughts enter your mind. Listen all the way to end of approximately three minute tone sequence. Always listen to both speakers playing together. If listening with a group, you may want to press and release “Power” then press and release “VOL” once or twice. A third press of “VOL” brings the volume back to the initial level. Twice daily is recommended
  • Tones play for three minutes, providing enough time to calm the mind but fits well into busy lifestyles
  • Two speakers are completely independent of each other (but must be played together)
  • Each speaker plays a different tone sequence every time it is used
  • Each charge lasts at least 60 tone therapy sequences
  • Speakers will automatically shut off after each sequence
  • Please note: There is a three second silence before the tones begin. Auto turn off after tone sequence ends. Do not press on again until after blue light is off
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 1.25” x 3” diameter
  • Weight: 0.62 lb

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Friends asked me where to buy this.

4/3/2019 by Gail

Shared this with my friends in yoga teacher training. They all wanted to know where I got them. Really does provide a peace for meditation. Lovely.More > < Less



3/4/2019 by Renie

I ordered this for my husband, a high powered executive who has high powered executive stresses at work. These tones have an amazing effect on mood and state of mind. He now uses them before some meetings at the bank for all of the meeting attendees. It reduces tension. I ordered another set for my daughter-in-law. She AND my son now use them. Three minutes of stillness and these tones have a remarkable effect on oneks mood.More > < Less



2/18/2019 by Barbara

My favorite Grommet product yet!! I have crystal bowls that I play, and this tone therapy system is wonderful for centering before meditating or just chilling for a few minutes. I bought a set for my dear friend for her birthday and I know she will love them. I would like to have the ability to control the length of play, and often start the sequence 2-3 times for relaxation. Congratulations to the creators! Brilliant!!More > < Less


Amazing product!!!!

2/17/2019 by Lyn

I have been meditating for many years. I saw The Mindfulness Tone System and had to try them.... the best product ever!!! As described in their article meditation music tends to be repetitive and predictable and often is distracting. NOT the case with these amazing speakers! I have only 2 things I would change if I could: first to offer an option to lower the volume. Presently there is only an option to make the tones louder. Second I would LOVE an option to be able to vary the length of the time the tones remain in play. # minutes is great for a quick relax and center moment, and I use these multiple times a day, but I'd really love an option to vary the times from 3 minutes up to 30 minutes! Truly and deeply relaxing!More > < Less


Excellent tool for meditation practice

2/17/2019 by Mary

Excellent tool for my mindfulness and meditation practice! Quality and ease of use are top of the chart. Will purchase for another as a gift and recommend to othersMore > < Less

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About solu

In Harmony

Hear Now System’s Michael Joly and Alene Sibley turned to ancient history and leaned on backgrounds in audio engineering (Michael) and intuitive coaching (Alene) to create their innovative tone therapy system.

A pair of sleek, palm-sized speakers play three minute sequences of peaceful sounds based on the ancient Pythagorean tuning system. This system has long been thought to encourage relaxation and wellness. Michael and Alene call their implementation of this ancient healing system New Origin Waveforms, or N.O.W.

The duo's goal is to make meditating at home or the office as easy as pushing a button. So that’s all it takes to begin your three minute mini Zen moment. A session gives your mind the just-right amount of time to calm down and clear out, whether you use it for a mid-day reset or to explore meditation.

The sequences play randomly on each speaker, so every session is a new arrangement of soothing sounds you haven’t heard before. The speakers shut off at three minutes, leaving you re-focused, re-energized, and ready to tackle the rest of the day.