Manual Food Chopper

By Speedwing

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This Manual Food Chopper may be mini but when it comes to mixing, spinning, and chopping jobs, it’s pretty mighty. There’s no power needed—just pull the cord to kick start prep work, like spinning rinsed herbs, chopping veggies, or mixing up a dip or guacamole. It’s perfect for small work spaces or if you’re short on outlets. Different inserts are suited for different tasks and a lid lets you top off your dish and take this mixer to go.

  • Materials: Container: SAN plastic; Accessories: PP plastic; Blades: Stainless steel
  • Care: Container and accessories are dishwasher-safe; do not put the lid with pull-cord into the dishwasher
  • Instructions: See user manual for full instructions
  • Includes: One lid with pull-cord mechanism, one container, one storage lid, one cutting insert with protective blade caps, one stirring insert, one spinning basket, one attachable upward deflector, one spatula
  • Ergonomic pull-cord mechanism is easy to use
  • Container features measuring scale markings in milliliters, cups, and fluid ounces
  • Cutting insert has two curved Japanese steel blades
  • Spinning basket great for drying fresh herbs or salad greens
  • Mixing insert is perfect for stirring or whipping ingredients
  • Air-tight storage lid great for storing chopped food in the fridge
  • Non-slip base
  • 800 ml (27 oz) filling volume
  • 1000 ml (33.8 oz) capacity
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 5" x 5.5" diameter
  • Weight: 1 lb

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Simply amazing!

11/27/2018 by Cris

OK. I'm very happy to announce the "retirement" of my old whack-a-mole method chopping jar. I purchased mine after viewing the video on the Speedwing, hoping it would really do what I'd just seen. So, after it arrived, I decided to make my "almost all-pepper" pico (red, yellow & orange peppers, jalapenos and cilantro, one onion infiltrator and lime juice!). Basically, anything green = hot lol. I have to say, the Speedwing was amazing. It chopped everything so fast and easy ... each pull reducing the size. I was done is no time. The engineering is superb, and the small spatula that came with the unit fit perfectly within the ribbing on the inside of the container. If you are concerned about it staying on the counter as you pull, don't worry. The o-ring on the bottom is very "sticky" and it doesn't move (at least for me). Thank you for the fantastic product - a "10"!More > < Less


German engineering, fun to use

11/19/2018 by Keith

Excellent product. Well-designed and well-made, quality materials. I use mine to make creamy hummus and it's actually fun to use.


Love it

11/18/2018 by David

This is a great tool


Haven’t tried it yet.

11/18/2018 by Kenice

I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but I tried the little one like this and IT worked GREAT!!! So....am assuming it’s big brother will be the same....that’s why I purchased it. Thank you The Grommet for all your new people’s innovations!!!!!More > < Less



11/15/2018 by Cherry

Love it! I keep it on my counter so prepping a salad is easy and fast. Freshly cleaned lettuce and quickly chopped veggies make it so simple. Only one implement to clean!
I feel so virtuous
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About Speedwing

Mix, Chop & Spin

Speedwing's Manual Food Chopper does many of the prep jobs a typical food processor does but it does them without needing any power. It’s scaled way down to take up as little countertop space as possible (and none of the important real estate at the outlet), while still making quick work of chopping, mixing, and spinning.

It’s great for small jobs like rinsing fresh herbs, cutting up veggies, or whipping up a dip. A pull-cord gets the chopping blade, mixing insert, or spinning basket into action—and is way more fun to use than just pushing a button. Pop the lid on and you can take the whole thing with you and when you’re done with it, Speedwing cleans up in the dishwasher.