2-in-1 Spiral Candle

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Double up on a warm glow with a scented spiral candle that burns two ways. An outer cotton wick burns in a spiral (and the wax melts inward) before self-extinguishing. When it’s done, light the softwood wick inside to burn it like a traditional pillar. Comes in seven distinctive scents and Made in the USA.

  • Made in the USA: Lakeland, MN
  • Materials: Highly refined food-grade wax with 100% cotton and softwood wicks
  • Instructions: Begin by lighting the spiral cotton wick. As it melts, the wax fills in the hollow candle. When the spiral wick runs out (about half of the way down the candle) the now-filled cylinder and wooden wick creates the second candle
  • Burn time as a spiral: Small: 1 hour; Medium: 2 hours; Large: 3 hours
  • Burn time as a pillar: Small: 20 hours; Medium: 30 hours; Large: 40 hours
  • Please note: Burn within sight, Keep away from things that catch fire, keep away from children, allow for spilled wax
  • Dimensions: Small: 3" x 3" diameter; Medium: 4" x 4" diameter; Large: 6" x 4" diameter
  • Weight: Small: 0.5 lb; Medium 0.8 lb; Large: 1 lb
  • Vanilla Tabac: Indonesian vanilla beans are known for their woody and smokey tones, providing a rich and deep vanilla scent. Spiral Light recreated this scent and added a hint of tobacco
  • White Tea & Ginger: A perfect fragrance for floral lovers. A spicy citrusy tea type with a fresh, clean character and a soft, dry floral base
  • Cinnamon: This candle embodies the rich aroma of cinnamon, bringing to mind cool fall nights, roaring fires, and sipping apple cider seasoned with sticks of cinnamon.
  • Waterfall: Think of island breezes and the salty sea air. A fresh, clean fragrance with a slight hint of moss gives you a relaxed feeling
  • European Lilac: Deep and richly floral, reminiscent of rose with hints of vanilla. Memories of a freshly blooming lilac bush
  • Sweet Sunset: Sweet pineapple and mango zest combines with acai berry, passion fruit, yuzu, green apple, and orchid leaves to make a tropical scent you won't forget
  • Sea Glass: A splash of citron with notes of geranium, rose, jasmine, and mint

15 Reviews (4.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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unique candle

5/7/2019 by Sue

The candle is quite deceiving, as the candle burns in a circle the wax drips into the center and fills it. I could not envision how the center candle would burn as long as they said it would, but actually it does. The fragrance it really nice strong but not overpowering. I'll be buying more for personal use and gifts.More > < Less


Love the Smell!

5/5/2019 by Nancy

These are fantastic smelling candles and they're hypnotic! Purchased two - one for me and one for my sister.


Great Candles-Too much fragrance.

5/13/2019 by Steven

The candles are very neat and interesting. What a great idea. The only problem we had was that the candles had WAY TOO MUCH fragrance in them. We couldn't even keep them in the house when we first opened them. I put them in the garage until they calmed down some. We purchased the Sea Glass, so I'm not sure if all of the candles are like that.More > < Less


smell great

5/6/2019 by Peg

this candle smelled great but I hated how much wax was left when I ran out of wick, it felt wasteful, going back to jar candles



5/22/2019 by Carlyn

I shouldn't order candles with smells over the internet. The smell was like a very strong perfume. Not for me. The candle is a wonderful concept without the smell. I had to return them. I may order another one that I know the actual smell.More > < Less

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About Spiral Light Candles

Double The Glow

The Nelson family are the Makers of Spiral Light Candles. They started out making candles in their basement before moving on to crafting these ones that burn with a twist.

And it’s a twist you want to watch. An outer spiral wick burns around the scented candle before self-extinguishing. When it’s done, light the wooden wick inside the candle to burn it like a traditional pillar. (The wood makes a nice crackly sound, too.) We like the two-for-one effect of these candles that makes for a more interesting, and glow-y, experience.