Bright Daylight LED Makeup Mirror

By Spotlite HD


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Look your best with this makeup mirror with lights that create a natural daylight experience to give you a truer and brighter reflection. Rechargeable and portable, the LED-lighted mirror can be rotated 360-degrees to get the perfect angle, and there are two magnetic magnifiers that help you see all the details.

  • Materials: ABS plastic housing, led lights, plated steel hardware
  • Includes neoprene case, two removable magnetic mirrors with 5x and 10x magnification, one microfiber cleaning cloth, one USB charging cord, USB charging plug is not included
  • Ultra-bright natural daylight that is up to 10 times brighter than other makeup mirrors
  • Premium LED lights never need to be replaced
  • Removable magnification mirrors great for close-up work like tweezing or fixing lashes
  • Convenient and portable cordless operation
  • Lithium battery is rechargeable by USB cable and lasts several hours between charges, features a low battery sensor and alert
  • The 360 degree rotation allows for adjusting the mirror tilt and viewing angle
  • Features a touch-sensitive dimmable switch and built-in tray for magnifying mirrors or makeup storage
  • Folding laptop design is compact and travel-friendly
  • Touch-sensitive light is dimmable and has an auto-sensor on/off switch
  • Non-degrading light maintains maximum brightness even with low battery
  • USB charging cord features USB A to micro-USB B ports for charging purposes
  • Please note: USB charging plug is not included
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 10" x 8.5" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 2.63 lbs.

49 Reviews (4.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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11/11/2018 by Maryn

I've had this mirror for several months. The plug in the mirror to recharge the light broke. Now I cannot charge it in order for the LED light to work. I am VERY disappointed.More > < Less



10/4/2018 by LS

Received my mirror today. Was very disappointed that the Magnets on the 2 magnification mirrors do not hold when attached to the main mirror.irror. They continue to slide down the main mirror until they reach bottom. Apparently I’m not the first to experience this based on prior reviews. For $100 I expect better quality. Would love to suggest the manufacturer correct the deficiency and send replacements of the magnification mirrors. Thank you.More > < Less



2/25/2019 by Karen

I'm amending my earlier review. First let me say Grommett stands behind it's products and tries to satisfy it's customers. When I reached out to them to ask if the manufacturer had responded to all the reviews regarding the attachable mirrors sliding down and not staying in place, Grommett replied that Spotlite HD had already informed them that they had replaced the magnets and would send me a replacement mirror. I got the replacement but nothing at all had been changed. Same problem, the mirrors slide down. I took video and sent to Grommet only 2 days ago. They said they were glad to hear I had received the replacement, thanked me for the video and said they'd forward them to the manufacturer and wished me luck with the new mirror. I feel sure they would refund my money if I asked. As I said in my earlier review, the compact design and bright light are the reason I'm keeping the mirror. The magnifying mirrors are equally as important but that's something I'll have to "rig up". I only paid $60 with no shipping, but that's still too much for a product that doesn't perform properly. If you don't mind working on a $100 mirror to make it work properly, knock yourself out. But if you don't want to do that, keep looking. I brought my number of Grommetts down from 3 to 1 because the manufacturer said they've fixed the problem, but they haven't. In my humble opinion it doesn't appear to me that they've changed a thing as far as the size of the magnets. Again, this is not on Grommett. It's on the manufacturer.More > < Less


Not worth it!

9/17/2018 by Carp

It's too bright - like a spotlight and it's heavy. Not worth what the price and if I still had the box I would return it.

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About Spotlite HD

Your Best Light

Spotlite HD is a makeup mirror with lights that wants you to look your best. Its LED lights mimic daylight so you see a truer, brighter reflection. And because of the mirror's natural-like light, it shows the true color of cosmetics—unlike typical household lights, which are more yellow-y and can mask what your makeup really looks like.

Which is exactly what happened to co-Founder Andrea Alli. When she saw how off-color her makeup looked during a presentation she gave, she was horrified. She called in fellow makeup lover Leah Wright-Williams to help develop a mirror that made it foolproof to get a flawless finish.

The result is a mirror that moves 360 degrees to get the just-right angle, and that has two magnetic magnifiers to help you zero in on the details. It’s scaled for on-the-go use, and is cordless, rechargeable, and has a storage tray and case that makes it perfect for travel, too.