Touch Phone Banjees

By Sprigs

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A form-fitting wristband, the Banjee is sized to hold just the necessities such as a credit card, cash, an ID, your keys, and other small personal items. Designed to easily use your smart phone's touch screen while on the move. You can skip songs in iTunes, use running apps, and even see who's calling without having to stop and take your phone out of its pouch. Ideal for travel, the gym, any outdoor activity, or everyday use.

  • Materials: Recycled polyester and spandex
  • Care: Machine wash cold with similar colors. Lay flat to dry
  • Breathable fabric wicks away moisture and dries quickly
  • Stretchable to easily slip over your hand and onto your wrist or forearm
  • Mesh on the pocket is strong enough to keep phones secure, but thin enough to allow you to see your screen and swipe, tap, and pinch zoom
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 5" x 4"
  • Weight: 0.1 lb.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My Banjees wrist wallet got dirty. How do I clean it?
  • Banjees wrist wallets are machine washable with similar colors in cold water. It is OK to tumble dry on low heat for most wrist wallets. However, we recommend that you lay flat any wrist wallet with additional decorations like sequins or crystals.
  • What can I fit in a Banjees wrist wallet?
  • The Banjees zippered wrist compartment has enough room to securely hold cash, credit cards, keys, lipstick and other similarly sized items. Small cell phones do fit in the zippered compartment. We recommend that you try several combinations of items to figure out what feels best on your wrist.
  • How big are Banjees wrist wallets?
  • When laid flat, most Banjees are approximately 5 inches long and 4 inches wide. Their stretchy material allows the wrist wallet to slip over the hand and fit comfortably around a variety of wrist sizes.
  • Are Banjees wrist wallets waterproof?
  • No, Banjees wrist wallets are not waterproof. They can be worn in pools or in the ocean, but they will not keep the contents of the zippered compartment dry.

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Wearing it daily I replaced it. My phone finaly wore a hole in it. Does exactly what I wanted.


Love it


protects my cell phone and I can wear it if I don't have pockets I trust.




I got my " Banjees" and arrived on time as expected!. It's very practical and convenient to carry my iPhone while jogging, walking, perfect for those afternoons laying down on the beach!
Thank you
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easy and effective


The product does what it is designed to do. I can have me phone with easy access when I walk my dog. Lightweight. I can also tote my credit card and lip gloss. Bought one for a friend who walk a lot and hikes. Good design.More > < Less


Better Butter Time saver


I hate trying to spread butter. I try to plan in advance by putting out the better for an hour or more so that I can use it. However most of the time I don't plan ahead. This Butter Mill is ingenious! Just put a stick of butter in the mill, turn it and these little strings of butter allows me to spread my butter! So cleaver!More > < Less

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After the successful launch of Banjees, The Grommet is adding more Sprigs problem solvers to the mix. Sprigs company founder Valerie Ciptak makes smart, stylish accessories for on-the-go comfort and convenience.

Earbags keep your ears warm without annoying bands. The patented design and Thinsulate lining make these bandless earmuffs warm, snug-fitting, and easy to stow in your pocket when not in use. They look fashionable enough for everyday use but are secure enough to wear during outdoor activities.

Also great for exercising, Banjees let you carry on-the-go necessities on your arm instead of bouncing around in your pockets. Machine washable and moisture wicking, Banjees are designed to keep your personal items dry even while you sweat.

With Sprigs on your ears, arm, it’s easy to make the most of any outing or adventure.