Wildflowers Seed Kit

By SproutBrite

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Here’s a beautiful incentive to start your own wildflower garden. This vibrantly packaged, carefully sourced, and Made in the USA seed starter kit is the prefect invitation to get planting. With a booklet full of tips and 10 different types of seeds, SproutBrite will inspire you to cultivate your green thumb.

  • Materials: Seeds and 100% paper packaging
  • Includes a unique mix of seeds—see possible species
  • For ages 7 and older
  • All seeds sourced in the USA and packaged in Westchester, NY
  • Dimensions: 1.97" x 5.67" x 6.69"
  • Weight: 0.35 lb.
How to grow a green thumb?

About SproutBrite

Green Thumb

This seed starter kit is the perfect initiation into gardening. It’s beautifully designed, carefully sourced, and Made in the USA to help you discover your green thumb.

Each kit has 10 different seed capsules. Whether you decide to make a delicious heirloom veggie garden, a wildflower one, or grow your own herbs, you’ll have a vibrant, colorful garden peppered with a variety of plants.

And the folks at SproutBrite aren’t about to leave you in the dark. An included booklet covers all the gardening bases—instructions on indoor and outdoor planting, calendars to time it right, and pairing charts that show which seeds grow well together.

Whether you gift it or think it’s too inspiring to give away, SproutBrite is bound to make the world a greener place.