Anti-Static Spray for Hair - Set of 2

By Static Schmatic

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A pure, all-natural solution to eliminate static from your hair without any scent or residue. Say goodbye to static and fly-aways.

  • Made in the USA: Colorado
  • Ingredients: Distilled water, plant-based soap, coconut oil, glycerin, salt
  • Includes: Two bottles of Static Schmatic for Hair
  • Warning: Do not spray in your eyes
  • Stylishly tames clingy hair and stubborn fly-aways
  • Enhances a natural, smooth finish
  • Handy size bottle that travels well
  • No harmful aerosol. No fragrance, build-up, stains, or residue
  • Fluid Content: 3 oz. in each bottle
  • Dimensions: 2" x 1" x 6"
  • Weight: 0.1 lb.

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Works like a charm!


It Works!


I have a problem with hair static, obviously, problem solved with Static Schmatic. I,ll be ordering more.




I bought this product with high hopes of it working. It does for a bit but then you need to spray again and again and again. Plain old tap water in a spray bottle would do the same thing and be a lot less expensive. Would I buy this again - No.More > < Less

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Static Schmatic - All-Natural Static Spray

About Static Schmatic

Cling Gone

Created in the mountains of Aspen, Colorado by mother and daughter Kris and Whitney Foley, Static Schmatic is an all-natural anti-static spray especially formulated to eliminate static from your hair, clingy fabrics, and even that fluffy pile of clean, freshly laundered clothes—all without leaving any scent or residue.

Craving an odorless, non-toxic way to manage static cling, Kris spent three years experimenting with her own homemade recipes before she and Whitney turned to a Boulder-based chemist for assistance. Together, they came up with a solution containing a combination of organic aloe vera juice, sea salt, and other plant-based ingredients that are tough on static, but safe for you, your pets, clothes, and the earth.

Small enough to fit in a purse, glove compartment, or an office desk drawer, Static Schmatic can help you out of even the most clingy of situations. The next time static strikes, be prepared and just spritz it away.