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By sugru


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Soft-touch silicone rubber that molds and sets permanently. Sticks to aluminum, steel, ceramic, glass, wood, and some fabrics and plastics.

  • Materials: Silicone rubber
  • Contains methyltris (methylethylketoxime) silane; Gamma-Aminopropyl Triethoxysilane. If these substances are known allergens, you should avoid skin contact with the uncured product.  Avoid ingesting and contact with eyes
  • Black & White package contains: 4 each of black and white single use packets
  • Color package contains: 2 each of red, blue, and yellow; 1 each of black and white single use packets
  • Form by hand—no tools needed
  • Cures at room temperature to a tough, flexible silicone overnight
  • Care: Waterproof and dishwasher safe when cured
  • Resistant from -76 degrees Fahrenheit to 356 degrees Fahrenheit
  • UV-resistant
  • 6 month shelf-life
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 8" x 4.3" x 0.4"
  • Weight: 0.3 lb.

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Sugru Works

10/12/2016 by Charlotte

This product works just as described. I've repaired several cooking utensils with loose handles and so far they're holding up fine. I also repaired a favorite paring knife re-attaching the handle to the blade and it's working well.More > < Less


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Product!

9/30/2016 by Michele

I bought this to use for my iPhone cord and my iMac cords because they always fray in the same place. Surge works awesome! I also used it in my sink area to stop leaks. I am going to use it to make a zipper pull on my winter coat next!
There are so many possibilities!! Will definitely buy again when this supplies runs out!
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Talk about fun!

9/28/2016 by Patricia

This stuff really works and is so much fun, I just wish the packs were larger or I had more cords to fix.


Fantastic product

9/19/2016 by Carol

This is fantastic! This is my second package. I got my first package as a gift. The second one was for me. Thanks for a great product.


An Artist's Blessing

9/12/2016 by Diane Parker Palmer

Years ago, our housekeeper dropped a small sculpture of five 4in high by 6in long elephants carved in teak and set in a line atop a piece of driftwood. The head elephant, trunk raised high, got his trunk cracked off, and the sculpture was all but ruined! And then ... Sugru came along to save the day!

A small black piece, rolled into shape between my fingers and placed on the elephant's trunk base was easily attached, then resealed and given texture. It is a perfect match, and has brought the piece back to center stage where it belongs!

Thank you all at Grommet for making this resurrection possible!! (Happy to provide a photo if you'd like)
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sugru - self setting rubber

About sugru

Can You Fix It?

It took more than six years for Jane ni Dhulchaointigh and a team of scientists to perfect her idea for a moldable, self-adhesive, and self-curing silicone material, but it only takes about six seconds to become totally enthralled with her brilliant invention.

Derived from the Irish word “súgradh,” which means “play,” sugru is a bit like modeling clay. It’s malleable when you first take it out of the sealed package, and it retains its plasticity for about 30 minutes. It can adhere to metal, glass, fabric and most plastics. It’s waterproof, and it cures at room temperature after about 24 hours.

Sugru is good for anything that needs fixing, modifying, customizing, or cushioning. Instead of throwing away a blender with a broken switch, you can make a new switch out of sugru. Disintegrating grip on your golf club? Hole in your sneakers? Missing piece on your keyboard? Patch them with sugru. Worried about dropping your camera or smartphone? Wrap the corners with sugru for extra protection. The possibilities are endless.

We’re all conscious about extending the lifespan of our things, both to save money and to reduce the amount of items sent prematurely to landfills. sugru makes it easy—and fun—to be resourceful.