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By SunSprite

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SunSprite is a wearable tracker for light exposure to improve energy, focus, mood, and sleep. It syncs to iOS, is completely solar-powered, and charges wirelessly.

  • Made in USA: South Dakota
  • Materials: Plastic and PCB electronic board
  • Personal sunlight tracker with LED lights
  • Attach SunSprite to a collar, sleeve, pocket, or a lapel. Can be worn as an accessory—put a chain through it and wear it as a pendant or wristband. Also designed to attach to purse straps, backpacks, or hats
  • Press side button to display daily bright light intake
  • SunSprite's flexible magnetic attachment is strong enough that you can wear it anywhere. It’s best to clip it to your “strike zone”—a spot on the front of your body between your eyes and pockets
  • 10 LEDs on front face light up to show progress (each LED represents 10% of daily goal)
  • Custom high-efficiency solar panels
  • SunSprite is completely solar-powered; it gets the power it needs while you're getting the light you need
  • No plugs or cords needed
  • A few minutes in bright sunlight will charge SunSprite for an entire week
  • Custom developed lithium polymer battery
  • Features an advanced magnetic clasp
  • Track and record the amount of bright light exposure you receive each day
  • Syncs to iPhone via Bluetooth Smart
  • Uses Bluetooth Smart to transmit your light exposure data to your mobile phone, where its app helps you analyze your patterns and learn how to optimize your bright light exposure
  • Measures both visible and UV light
  • SunSprite is not waterproof. It shouldn’t be worn while swimming or showering. It is, however, rain, splash, and sweat-proof
  • Dimensions: 2.36" x 1.05"
  • Weight: 0.03 lb.

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Great gadget, great service


Excellent information provided by this gadget regarding my exposure to sunlight; as I have problems absorbing Vit. D, it is important for me to track this.

I work indoors most parts of the day so the device helps me to take as much sunshine as I can in the late afternoon.

The rubber part holding the magnet came apart but as soon as I reported the problem to Grommet, they sent me another one, no questions ask.

Great service

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I like this little thing. It has brightened my mood and I am very happy and I haven't felt happy or energetic in along time. This actually does what it says. I don't understand how it works, but it sure does work and I am glad I have it.More > < Less


Great gadget


I love this gadget! It has changed the way I behave to get sunlight each day. The support people at the site have been most helpful in answering my questions. I have an iPhone and so have been able to enjoy the app that syncs with the SunSprite. It tracks my daily light exposure so I have a picture each day and each week of how I've done. It is so easy and light to wear that I often forget I have it on.More > < Less


Bad batteries?


The first Sunsprite that I received would not turn on. I returned it and received a second Sunsprite. It only work for a week. The company said that they are out of them right now but I am on their list to receive a third SunSprite. I hope it works! The concept is great. I really enjoyed using the product for the week mentioned above. I would rated five stars if I hadn’t had these problems. I will raise the rating if the third one works as advertised.More > < Less


doesn't seem to work in my area-not enough sun to even charge!


I love the idea of this item, but can't seems to get it show me all 5 stars unless it's tremendously sunny here. Which hardly ever happens…which is why I bought this item…will return it.More > < Less

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SunSprite - Personal Light Tracker

About SunSprite

Sunlight Therapy

Are you getting enough light? SunSprite can tell you.

After studying dozens of clinical studies showing bright light can help boost energy, positively impact your mood, and reset Circadian Rhythms for improved sleep patterns, Harvard trained doctors and engineers, Jacqueline Olds, Richard Schwartz, Thomas Hayes, and Kasey Russell teamed up to invent SunSprite—a wearable device that tracks your daily light and sun exposure.

Made in the USA, SunSprite measures both visible and UV light so you can soak up just the right amount of the sun’s health benefits through your eyes without over exposing yourself to harmful UV rays. If it’s bright enough, you only need 30 minutes of light per day and you don’t even have to go outside to get it. Small lifestyle changes like eating your breakfast or reading the paper facing a sunny window can make a difference.

SunSprite is flexible, magnetic, works on any material, and doesn’t leave marks. Its mobile app lets you track your progress, get scientific coaching based on your schedule, view historical data, and more. Solar powered and Bluetooth enabled, SunSprite syncs wirelessly to your mobile phone. Sunnier disposition possible. No batteries and no cords necessary.