Cosmetic Saver Tool

By Swoon

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An innnovative cosmetics tool that is designed to retrieve every bit of gloss from a lip gloss tube.

  • Materials: Applicator Tip: TPE
  • Care: Easy-to-clean with makeup cleaner or baby wipe. Reusable
  • Extend the life of your lip gloss. Use on any brand of lip gloss; designed to reach, scoop, and apply all the product in the tube
  • Flexible application head doesn't absorb product; can be used in different glosses and won't mix colors
  • Grooved handle enables easy gloss application
  • Applicator cover keeps Swoon clean in your makeup bag
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 5.6" x 1" x 1.5"
  • Weight:0.1 lb.

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Simple product works great!


Such a simple and practical idea! I am getting full use of lcreams and lipsticks— practically pays for itself!


Awesome make-up tool!


This is a great makeup tool! It's been long over due. Thanks Grommet!


Love it


Works great to get that last little bit.


They work!


I like it very much will be xmas present for my daughters and I'm already using it. I luv it. Yet I saw something similar to this a while back and I would like to get those they were with a sponge at end that had the same purpose. Can you help?More > < Less


Work fantastic.


Highly recommended - you will save a lot of money over time by having these!

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Swoon - Lip Gloss Applicator

About Swoon

Waste Not

A self-described lipgloss fanatic, Keisha Wright loves the subtle light and shimmer it adds to a bare or colored lip. But, like all of us, this avid glosser became frustrated by the waste of unused, unreachable product left inside the tubes. To get to the bottom of the problem, this Stanford educated, Brooklyn based maker, designed SWOON, a revolutionary makeup wand that grabs every last drop of gloss and applies it with ease.

The SWOON is part scoop and part applicator. It's non-porous, easy to clean, elegant to hold, and flexible enough to reach any angle. It will have other uses in your make up kit as well, from touching up a bit of wayward mascara to grabbing that last bit of foundation or lotion from the jar.

Just scoop, swipe, shine, and of course, smile.