Flexible Universal Tablet Stand

By Tablift

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Get your tablet out of your hands and into the perfect position. Tablift holds your tablet securely on top of bendable, adjustable legs, leaving you to enjoy it hands-free, even when lying completely flat. Use it in bed, on the couch, or on any uneven surface and it holds your tablet at eye level, which is easier on your neck. The flexible legs fold compactly for easy storage.

  • Materials: Plastic, rubber, vinyl, and metal
  • Care: Wipe with dry cloth
  • Universal design works with virtually any tablet without a case, or in cases less than 10 mm thick. See compatibility list below
  • Please note: Your tablet may be too large for the stand while in a case. Check dimensions to ensure proper fit
  • Compatible with: Apple iPad (Full-size and mini. iPad Pro models must be used with a hard case), Samsung Galaxy (all models and sizes), Asus Google Nexus 7, Vivotab, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and 4, plus most any other tablet
  • Flexible legs fold down to compact size
  • Great for using in bed, on the couch, or any even or uneven surface without having to rest or balance a tablet on your body
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Body: 3.75" x 1.5" x 2"; Each flexible leg: 13.75"
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs

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Great with a fatal flaw

5/29/2017 by Chuck

The stand is stable and works well on a bad as well as a "menu" stand when using the iPad as a recipe book. However, the latch onthe latch on the cord that binds to the top of the iPad and cord only works with a "bare" ipad. And I know almost no one who uses an iPad without a case. I've got a very thin case and it still doesn't work with the case on.

Since it's a hassle to take off the case every time I want to use the stand...the stand sits largely unused. A real shame because it would be easy enough to design the latch on the end of the cord to accommodate iPads with covers as well as without covers.
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Great Product - Five stars

5/3/2017 by Elizabeth

I have arthritic hands and this makes it possible to use my iPad so easily. the only drawback is that the iPad must be taken out of its protective case.More > < Less


Not as expected

5/3/2017 by Gina

I'm actually looking into returning this item because no one in my family can use it. The notches in the top that hold the iPad are not made to hold an iPad with a case. In order to use the stand the case/cover needs to be removed before it'll hold the iPad. This is most inconvenient as iPad cases are meant to be left on always and are very difficult to remove. Great concept, but needs larger slots to hold the iPad with the case.More > < Less


"They should have told you when you ordered."

1/16/2017 by Elizabeth

In Nov. 2016 I purchased a new 12.09" iPad. Immediately I started to look for a nice, easy to use tablet stand. I'd shopped The Grommet several times so when I found the Tablift Flexible Universal Tablet Stand here I hooked and made the purchase.

It was perfect and made it so easy to use the iPad. But after a few days I noticed the back of my new computer had several dents in it. Looking at the stand I was able to determine the Tablift had dented the back of my computer. I contacted The Grommet.

The Grommet's Customer service wanted photos; So I took and sent them. Customer Service determined it couldn't help me so I was given to the "developer (?)" of the Tablift.

When I was contacted by the "developer" I was told I had to get a repair cost from an Apple Store. I waited in line for over an hour at the Apple Store, Mall of America. Was told the iPad could not be repaired (there are no spare aluminum backs) and had to be replaced. I got the information, scanned and emailed it.

Then came the offer: I should wipe my computer clean and mail it to them. Once they received the computer a repair check would be mailed to me. Not a replacement check, but a repair check, which was not the same amount I paid. I I was told to let someone there know when I was shipping my IPad "because people aren't at the address every day".

He also threw The Grommet under the bus by telling me, "They should've told you when you bought it that the IPad's aluminum back will dent using this product (Tablift)". WOW!

I asked if the advertisement had been corrected to reflect what he'd just said. He didn't know, but thought it should, maybe be changed. As of today, Jan. 14, 2017, the advertisement has not be changed. Buyer BeWare!

Even though I had to do all the work and running around to get the information they all wanted...I decided not to pursue the repair check. I felt it was sketchy to send my computer away while I waited for a check that wasn't going to cover the cost of a new one. I feel like this offer was designed to keep me from moving forward. WHO sends their personal computer away while waiting for money that won't cover the cost of a new one. No one, that's who.

I rejected the offer and was met with, "Whatever you feel is best.”

So my brand new IPad has dents.

The Grommet reimbursed me for the Tablift, plus shipping.

As I said, I've shopped The Grommet before, in-fact I shopped The Grommet last week; I got two pair of Pudus Slipper socks. Fantastic~ I am buying a few more for Christmas 2017!!! Meanwhile...I'll take the repair check and keep my new computer please.
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doesn't fit

12/5/2016 by Dixie

doesn't fit any of the electronics we have and we tried several of them! Thought the slots were a firm rubber where you could fit one down into it. But nothing fits not my ipad, the tablet the kindle or the mac.. nothing. And the box was destroyed in shipping so we have something w can't useMore > < Less

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See your tablet—without lifting a finger.

About Tablift

Hands-Free View

Using your tablet in bed or on the couch is less than ideal for viewing—not to mention uncomfortable. But we all try to do it anyway.

Tablift holds your tablet for you, safely mounting it on top of bendy legs that stay stable on uneven surfaces. Your tablet fits in the tray and is secured by a bungeed clip. Adjust the legs to whatever height is ideal. It’s that easy—your tablet is elevated to eye level, and you’re ready to relax without holding it awkwardly or cramping your neck.

Founder Scott Blevins searched for a tablet stand for bed, and when he couldn’t find the right one, he created Tablift. This stand is substantial but streamlined, and folds down compactly when you’re not using it.

Get comfortable and enjoy your tablet fully hands-free.