Scrubber & Big-Ass Brick Soap Set

By Duke Cannon

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The Tactical Soap on a Rope from Duke Cannon is engineered with paracord and sturdy mesh to eliminate the slippery fuss of traditional bar soap. Duke Cannon’s oversized brick-shaped soaps smell great and have a manly, no-nonsense personality. Inspired by the brick soaps used by GIs during the Korean War, Duke Cannon soaps are made right here in the USA. And they’re tested by active military personnel.

  • Made in the USA
  • Materials: Soap on a Rope: Mil-Spec paracord 550, soft and coarse mesh; Soap: Natural soaps, made with steel-cut grains for maximum grip-ability
  • Care: Machine wash cold; tumble dry low
  • Orange soft mesh good for total body and green coarse mesh good for smoothing out rough patches on hands and feet
  • Mil-Spec paracord 550 acts as both a rope and built in soap holder in the shower
  • Eliminates the fuss of slippery bar soap
  • "Victory" smells clean and fresh, with a hint of grass
  • "Accomplishment" is an incredibly masculine scent of bergamot and black pepper
  • "Naval Supremacy" is a refreshing ocean scent
  • "Productivity" has a fresh mint smell
  • Soaps are 3 times larger and last longer than traditional bar soaps
  • Perfect for the gym or travel
  • Dimensions: Soap on a Rope: 5" x 2.75" x 1.5"; Soap: 4.6" x 2.5" x 1.6"
  • Weight: Soap on a Rope: 0.075 lb.; Soap: 0.625 lb.

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No more dropping the BAB and good exfoliation


I've been using Duke Cannon BAB and scrubber for years from Duluth Trading Company. The BAB of soap is very large and hard to hold onto when it is new.More > < Less


Wife loves the scent


Convenient and practical, and no more buying loofas.


Perfect for any man.


I bought this as a gift for my husband and he loves it. Funny thing is that he almost bought it himself before I gifted it to him. I thought the scrubber case would be great not only for washing but also for easy travel with the soap.More > < Less


Hit of Christmas!


You never know what will turn out to be a hit....this was with my husband! Soap - who knew!. Loves the convenience and I got him the Productivity fragrance. He is happy and can't stop talking about it. Now if he was just a little more productive??More > < Less


THE way for a man to clean up


Bought these items for a recent trip to Canada. Needed them to fit in my dopp kit, clear TSA, and be totally utilitarian. Done,done&done! During my 10 day vacation,(showered at least once a day), the soap hardly dwindled at all! This is one big ass bar of soap! "Accomplishment"-fresh, manly,not overpowering. Tactical scrubber-genius! Held big ass bar of soap perfectly,dried overnight, and the dual textures-just cleaver! Orange,(for overall washing) - Green,(for hands & feet / stubborn areas?). Soap & Scrubber are a great pairing, and a smart buy! Gonna try more soaps-if this one ever runs out! Recommended!More > < Less

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Duke Cannon - Men's Soap

About Duke Cannon

Vigorous Clean

Duke Cannon soap is manly through and through—the inspiration, the shape, the colors, and “Duke Cannon” himself. He drives an American pickup truck. He won’t drink martinis. And he doesn’t want to smell like a girl.

The entire Duke Cannon line is made for men. Like their “big ass brick” of soap—which is three times larger than everyday perfumed bars. The shape is based on the soap that was drop shipped to GIs during the Korean War. And it’s made in an American factory that supplied our military with soap for over 20 years.

Duke Cannon is committed to our country and its veterans, too. Active military personnel test every Duke Cannon product before it gets sold. And a portion of proceeds goes to veterans' causes.

Founders Anthony Albanese and Sam Swartz realized that guys don’t want to use loofahs and floral-scented body wash. They left their day jobs, and created ways for guys to get clean that have a legendary personality.

With scents like “Accomplishment” and “Productivity” that are refreshing without being feminine, Duke Cannon brand offers serious cleanliness and a bit of humor for the manliest of men.