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These scrubbing heads turn a power drill into an electric scrub brush to do the job faster—and make it easier for you. The brushes are color-coded to help you pick the right bristle strength for what you want to clean. Each set includes a flat brush and round one to make sure corners get super clean, too.

  • Materials: Nylon bristles molded in plated steel shaft
  • Includes: 1 flat scrub brush for flat surfaces, 1 round scrub brush for corners, drill is not included
  • Colors correspond to brush stiffness, for recommended applications see color guide here
  • Instructions: Test the brush on a small area before cleaning the surface entirely. Alternate the rotation of the drill with each use to extend the life of the brush
  • Compatible with any standard cordless drill
  • Drill design allows for fast and efficient scrubbing
  • Features a corrosion-resistant 0.25" quick change shaft, making it compatible with impact drivers as well as cordless drills
  • Caution: Protect your eyes, always wear minimum ANSI Z87.1 rated protective eyewear or goggles
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Flat Brush: 3" x 4" diameter; Corner Brush: 5" x 3" diameter
  • Weight: 0.5 lb.

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Works like a champ!


I am always interested in cleaning devices and am so glad I ordered this product! It really works beautifully!
Mary from Alabama




Well made and definitely helps to speed along a tiring task. Recommended!


This is all you gert!!


I haven't used the "Red Brushes" yet, but I wasn't sure when I placed my order, that the red set was the right brush[es] for cleaning soiled tiles/grout in my shower stall? When I received the Red Brushes, you included the "Brush Stiffness & Application Chart" and I then placed a 2nd order for the "Yellow [medium] Brush set. I now have both brush sets and will use them per your recommendations!More > < Less


In love with this brushes....


So glad someone came up with this idea... Works very good. Definitely recommend!


Great results


Having a drill motor at the end of my scrub brush instead of my arm and hand, made the job far easier and gave me better results by far.

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About Drill Brush

Power Scrubber

Tony LaPolla created his own electric scrub brush when he suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome. Tony was hard at work scrubbing tires and rims at his car wash, and was feeling the strain from the repetitive motion. He prototyped a scrubbing attachment for his power drill that impressed his customers. He knew other folks would appreciate an easier and faster way to do tough scrubbing jobs, too.

Drill Brush comes in different bristle strengths to scrub a variety of surfaces outside and around the house. The heads are color-coded to help you pick the right one for your job, and each set comes with a both a flat and a rounded scrubber. So you can get your scrub on, in a better way.