ARiNA Bluetooth Speaker

Sound Design

Adin Mumma created the ARiNA Bluetooth wall speaker to be as multi-functional as possible. He felt that speakers had untapped potential, so his design is much more than a one-note wonder.

Reminiscent of a minimalist art piece, this bowl-shaped speaker looks just as good sitting on a table as it does up on the wall. And it can
serve as a catchall for change, keys, or your phone, without affecting sound quality.

Adin didn’t stop there. Just twist off the top and there’s a USB charger hidden inside—and an internal battery that lasts up to 10 hours on one charge (without any unsightly wires). A built-in microphone lets you use ARiNA to make calls, too. And 360-degree sound distribution gives you clear, full audio, whether you’re chatting to friends or listening to your favorite playlist.

We’re impressed with all the things Adin’s speaker can do—and that it looks so sharp while doing it.
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This speaker does way more than play music.

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Adin

    Hi everyone! We are excited today to launch our new product with The Grommet! I’m Adin, designer of the ARiNA wireless speaker and I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • David
    11/21/2016 10:29 AM

    Hi Adin, this is a wonderful idea. Best of luck with it. Great for my kids dresser where his speaker is just another piece of clutter among a sea of change, keys, and other stuff. Wondering how it will fare on the countertop in the bathroom. The kids listen to music while showering and there isn't much room for another device, so maybe it's suitable to sit on their countertop and hold the phone??

    Also wondering if you have plans for the future to make this an inductive charging device. ChaChing! That's the motherload!

    Lastly, how is the voice quality? If I were to pick this up for my wife who is on the phone for work most of the day, could she realistically rely on this to deliver business-quality voice communication?

    Good luck today from another maker!!

  • Adin
    Adin – Special Guest
    11/21/2016 10:45 AM


    Hello David, Yes, this device can be used in the bathroom or places with humidity. As the internal components are all concealed, it is protected. As the covers are removable, they can be taken off to be cleaned or dried.

    We really struggled when considering for induction charging since it greatly increase the overall price of the product. As currently most phones don’t include this function, we opted for a more affordable speaker. We hope to introduce this in the future as a charging cover, which could be added to the current model.

    The voice quality is standard with other Bluetooth speakers in the market, which have hands-free calling. We have used the ARiNA in our office this past year as a conference bridge and totally love it.

  • Amos
    11/21/2016 12:28 PM

    Hi @Adin, must the cover be removed to plug it in for charging?

  • Adin
    Adin – Special Guest
    11/21/2016 12:46 PM


    Hi Amos,

    Yes, the cover easily pops off to expose all the USB and AUX inputs. This is to eliminate ugly plug holes on the surface of the design.

    The ARiNA also comes with an extra 9 foot fabric cable which can be pugged in at all times.

  • Leah
    11/21/2016 10:46 AM

    Hi Adin, Congratulations on your product launch. I absolutely love your speaker concept. What I would like to know is if it will pair with my Amazon Echo dot?

  • Adin
    Adin – Special Guest
    11/21/2016 11:05 AM


    Hello Leah! Amazon Echo Dot can easily connect to the ARiNA via Bluetooth. Its a great way to communicate with Amazon Alexa as the ARiNA can be "hidden" on a counter top. If you don't have Amazon Echo Dot, the ARiNA also functions well with Apple Siri and Google.

  • Susan
    11/21/2016 12:05 PM

    Love the look! Will this pair with a Samsung S7?

  • Adin
    Adin – Special Guest
    11/21/2016 12:19 PM


    Thank you Susan! Yes, ARiNA will connect to your Samsung S7 via Bluetooth. All smart phones have the capability to connect as well as other Bluetooth enabled devices such as tablets and computers.

  • Eve
    11/21/2016 12:19 PM

    If the speaker is hung on the wall...can it be removed quickly to use in another part of the home?

  • Adin
    Adin – Special Guest
    11/21/2016 12:35 PM


  • Adin
    Adin – Special Guest
    11/21/2016 12:38 PM

    Hello Eve,

    The speaker has a hidden latch on the back surface which hangs on any screw in the wall. It effortlessly pops off so you can hang and remove with ease.

The launch day conversation has ended. Please direct further questions about this Grommet to our Community Experience Team.