Dice Game


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2 to 4 player multi-dice game. Roll the dice as fast as possible, and the player that gets all of the dice on the same number wins.

  • Be the first player to get all of your dice on the same number
  • Up to 8 different ways to play
  • 40 dice in each pack
  • Assorted colors may vary
  • Ages 7 and up
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 10" x 1.4" x 1.2"
  • Weight: 0.6 lb.

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do not know if he likes it or not......


This is a Christmas gift for our 8 yr. old grandson....hoping he will like it. Looks like fun.....


FUN game for all AGES


This game is fun!! Hardly any thinking and it is a doesn’t take a long time. I would like to see more different game options.


Easy to play


My family loves to play this game. Easy enough for the young ones to join in.


It’s great!


I use it to teach math and the kids love it!


So much fun


Great family game. We play this everywhere. So easy to do and we've even made up some of our own rules.

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TENZI  - Rapid Dice Game


Ready, Set, Roll

It’s not often a new game can be described in just 20 words, but TENZI can: Each player gets 10 dice. The first player who rolls all 10 on the same number and yells “TENZI” wins.

That’s the gist of the fast-paced game created by Steve Mark and Kevin Carrolle. The two friends and former colleagues got lucky when they found Celeste, an open-minded toy store owner who gave them a chance to sell their first TENZI games. Ever since, it’s easy to see why the game caught on. TENZI is simple, yet competitive. You get a rush of energy as you roll the dice and then keep tossing the ones that don’t match until all 10 display your chosen digit.

You can play by the original rules or opt for one of the many variations, such as Stealzi, which involves stealing other players’ dice. It’s frantic fun for all ages—and there’s no screen, battery, or mouse required.