Upcycled Bracelets - Black Set

By The Base Project

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The Base Project connects artisans in the developing world with the U.S. fashion market, helping those artists afford things like healthcare and education. Their set of 3 black bracelets feature scenes from the Namibian landscape, hand carved into up-cycled water pipes.

  • Materials: Up-cycled plastic water pipe
  • Care: Rinse and wipe clean
  • Set includes 3 bracelets: Deadvlei, Namib Desert, Oryx bracelets, and a jewelry bag
  • Up-cycled plastic looks similar to bone or horn, but no animals have been harmed in the process
  • Each bracelet is a one-of-a-kind, hand-carved piece of art
  • Inspiration for the designs come from the animals, landscape, and rich history of Namibia
  • The Deadvlei design is reminiscent of the scorched trees of the Deadvlei salt pan. The Namib Desert's rolling sand dunes stretch to the horizon as seen in this carving. The Oryx runs through Namibia’s desert plain
  • Each bracelet is flexible, waterproof, and highly durable
  • Made in Namibia, Africa
  • Dimensions: Small: 7" circumference x 0.6" (each); Medium: 7.87" circumference x 0.6" (each)
  • Weight: 0.025 lb. (each)

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Great design


Originally purchased a set for me. Bought a second set for a good friend who loved the look. Bracelets are light weight, great for summer andr summer and go with any outfit. Terrific find.More > < Less


A beautiful, conscious accessory!


Couple points on why these are loved: 1) When you wear these, they look like a natural bone material and are soft around the sides. Super comfy Super comfy AND elegantly rustic.
2) They are incredibly strong and stretch to fit ANY wrist.
No need to size these any differently as I've found they fit any wrist when pulled to expand and then slid on.
3) These make a great gift for 2 best friends too - think about it: you get one, and they do too.
4) I love that this company is changing the lives of these artists in Namibia for the better. These artisans not only keep their traditions alive, but are elevated from poverty with their skills.
5) This company also makes a difference in Ghana as I learned that is where they make the bags each bracelet is enclosed within.
More > < Less




I have some of these that my niece bought for me while in Namibia. They are made of pvc pipe and hand carved. They stretch apart to fit your wrist, and go back to shape once you have them on. Nearly indestructible, made for a great cause, but this price is pretty high for them.More > < Less

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The Base Project - Handmade Bracelets

About The Base Project

Tribal Triumph

Bracelets from The Base Project have a distinctly African imprint. Hand carved by artisans in Namibia, the scenes showcase the local landscape in bold, abstract form.

It’s that very region that twin brothers Chris and Doug Akin wanted to help when they founded The Base Project. They have empowered two Namibian tribes, who use traditional techniques to make these unisex accessories. The work provides an improved life, with access to healthcare and education.

Fashioned from upcycled water pipes, the virtually unbreakable plastic bracelets resemble carved bone. Striking designs reflect the winding rivers, sand dunes, and even the wildlife that has surrounded the tribes for generations. The brass bracelets are etched with the same ethnic patterns, highlighted by a rubbed finish.

The timeless scenes are more than a beautiful backdrop. Wearing them helps brighten the future of hard-working artists halfway around the world.