Crumb-Catching Placemat

By The Cibo

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A sticky, portable placemat with a pouch that catches crumbs, stores scissors, keeps craft time cleaner, and makes a parent’s life a lot less messy.

  • Materials: Silicone
  • Care: Dishwasher safe, rinse with soap and water
  • Easy to clean
  • Great for crafts or cookie decorating
  • Rolls up for easy storage or travel
  • Sticks to most counter tops, including wood, granite, and glass
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 14" x 12" x 0.5"; Pouch: 14" x 2" x 2.5" (can stretch)
  • Weight: 0.65 lb.

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7/31/2015 by Marylynn

Stays when put directly on the table. Doesn't work on a tablecloth, which should have been obvious to me but wasn't. Very brightly colored. I would prefer it in a plain darker color more to match the table. Almost too babyish for our two year old. It did catch most of the food that spilled for the baby, which he then grabbed and threw across the room with gales of laughter.

I really think this product is missing a major target audience. This would be a great product for older children or adults with trouble eating. It could discreetly catch any spills in a restaurant.

A bib works much better for a little one. Fix the coloring on this and I think you have a winner.
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The Cibo - Crumb-Catching Placemat

About The Cibo

Anywhere Catcher

The Cibo is a portable placemat that doubles as a food catcher, and it’s the first invention from Amy Chandler, a California mom. Amy has two adorable kids, but they can be very messy eaters. At one point, she stopped making rice—her kids’ favorite—because she was tired of cleaning it off the floor.

Then Amy got an idea. What if something could catch the mess before it even got that far? Made of sticky silicone, The Cibo adheres to almost any table, with a pouch that hangs over the table’s edge. Crumbs and bits that would end up on laps and floors are gathered in one place.

Of course, kids’ messes aren’t limited to food. Thankfully, neither is The Cibo. Craft time gets more organized, as The Cibo eats up glitter, crayons, and paper bits. When it’s not busy catching crumbs, The Cibo also doubles as a portable storage solution, for school supplies, snacks, or anything. It’s dishwasher safe, too. Toss it in the top rack, and The Cibo is ready for the next challenge.