Ceramic Flower Frog Bowl & Taper Holder

By The Floral Society

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Instant ambience with a bowl-style flower frog vase and candle holder in one. The ceramic design works with taper-style candles and has built-in“frog” holes that help blooms stand up and stand out for the easiest flower arranging ever.

  • Materials: Ceramic
  • Care: To clean the inside of the frog put warm, soapy water through the holes. Swish around and flush out with warm water
  • Instructions: Put water inside the holes to fill the vase. Place flowers, herbs and more through the holes to display flowers. Place taper candles into the holders to burn
  • Caution: Be careful when burning candles along side flowers, make sure flowers don't cross over the flame
  • Made in Sri Lanka
  • Dimensions: 12.4" x 7.75" x 2"
  • Weight: 3.4 lbs

About The Floral Society

DIY Blooms

Sierra Steifman, florist and Maker of The Floral Society, saw a shift in the attendance at her workshops—more and more first-timers were trying their hand at floral arranging. This inspired her to come up with an approachable way for anyone to take a stab at floristry. Her beautifully packaged solution is a workshop in a box.

The wreath-making and floral-arranging kits come with must-have tools, like floral tape and the same pro-grade Japanese clippers Sierra uses, along with access to an online tutorial based on the lessons she gives in her own shop.

Want to be a little more hands-off? Sierra’s frog vases make for easy, fuss-free flower presentations. “Frog” holes in the vases help each individual bloom stand up and get noticed.