36 Questions for Falling in Love

By The Love Game

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Love is no game, but these cards can help you build trust, open up, and get to know someone on a much deeper level—which might just lead to love. Each card asks a question specifically designed to help people connect more authentically. They are a thoughtful, meaningful way to spark a conversation, increase communication, and develop a deeper bond.

  • Materials: Linen playing-card stock
  • Includes 36 questions (and 11 bonus questions) scientifically designed to help two people fall in love
  • Made with the highest-quality German casino cards
  • Length of play is approx. 45 - 90 minutes
  • Designed for 2 players
  • Based on the proven research of Dr. Arthur Aron
  • Whether you are on a first date or a fiftieth anniversary, you can build deeper levels of intimacy and connection with The Love Game
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 3.56" x 2.56" x 0.69"
  • Weight: 0.25 lb.

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Not exactly what I thought but we are enjoying the questions and they have prompted some interesting convos between two old married folks!


couples therapist


great tool with very ingesting questions


Kudos! Two thumbs up!


My fiancé and I rang in the New Year playing The Love Game and it was the best ever! We laughed, cried, bonded, and REALLY got to know each other on a different level. The Love Game allows you to learn the intimate, innermost thoughts of your partner.More > < Less


The cards are great!


The questions are challenging and always seem to end up with a story and a laugh when you go through them with a significant other. It really does make you tell your story.More > < Less




Gave to new married couple I'll check
With them!!

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**What’s your most treasured memory?**

About The Love Game

Create Intimacy

The Love Game is designed to help make deeper, more meaningful connections between people. It isn’t actually a game, but rather a series of questions aimed to open up communication and foster trust between you and your partner—or a potential one.

Research by Arthur Aron and other psychologists showed that shared vulnerability could increase closeness. They created specific questions to encourage that kind of intimacy—and when Founder Anthony David Adams read about them, he knew he had to share them. He first created an app, but then realized that cards made asking the questions a much more personal experience.

The topics are important ones that often don’t get asked. Like, “What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?” Or, “What is your most treasured memory?”

Ask one question a day, or work through the entire deck. These cards are a simple but thoughtful way to help deepen a connection and learn more about your partner—and yourself.