L-Shaped Body Pillow & Case

By The snuggL Company

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This L-shaped pillow delivers support for side sleepers, pregnant women, or folks with back issues. It combines a standard pillow and a body pillow with medium firmness to encourage proper spinal alignment. Hypoallergenic micro-gel fiber filling helps the pillow stay in shape and maintain consistent density throughout. It also adapts to your sleep position and works to help keep you feeling cool. Zip-up pillow case is included. Two sizes available. Pillow is Made in the USA.

  • Sizing: snuggL XL is for those over 6 feet tall
  • Materials: Pillow: Proprietary blend of micro-gel fiber; Pillowcase: 100% cotton, 300 thread count
  • Care: Wash your pillow every 6 months. Machine wash the pillow gently in warm water using a mild liquid detergent. Run the rinse cycle twice to remove all detergent residue and tumble dry low with dryer balls or tennis balls to break up fiber. Before putting the pillow back in the pillowcase make sure the pillow is completely dry
  • Includes: One pillow and one pillowcase with zipper for easy fit and removal
  • Instructions: While laying on your side, place long side of pillow between legs and use top section for head. The snuggL XL is recommended for those above 6 feet tall
  • Ideal for side sleepers, pregnant women, and those with back pain
  • Features medium firmness with contoured support system
  • Unique L-shape helps keep pillow in place while sleeping
  • Hypoallergenic micro gel fibers that adapt to your body’s specific needs
  • For ages 13+
  • Pillow made in the USA: Beaufort, SC; Pillow case made in China
  • Dimensions: snuggL: 28" x 8" x 54"; snuggL XL: 28" x 8" x 60"
  • Weight: snuggL: 6.85 lbs; snuggL XL: 8 lbs

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This pillow is awesome!!

4/13/2019 by Valerie

I'm a side sleeper and I usually use a pillow for my head and one or two more to support my legs and torso. The snuggL has eliminated the need for multiple pillows, and it provides just the right head and body height. I balked at the price but now that I've experienced better sleep, I'd buy again in a heartbeat!!More > < Less


Love it!

4/11/2019 by Emily

I've had lower back pain for a number of years and this pillow was a Godsend! The pillow took a little getting used to as I've never slept with a body pillow but after a few nights I didn't think about it and love the added support.More > < Less



3/24/2019 by Susan

I just had my first night with this pillow. I absolutely love it and highly recommend for side sleepers. My hips and shoulder were supported, thus no stress on muscles-no aches and pains. Having the L pillow allows complete head, neck and shoulder support. I just snuggled right even . Even the my bed buddy dogs were happy.More > < Less


too big for me

6/27/2019 by Mercedes Gail

Much too large for me. BUT I cut off the short end of the L and now have two pillows that say cool/


Try it upside down

4/21/2019 by Leslie

I love this pillow but I actually use it upside down. It's helps my knees and upside down it helps the positioning of my feet.

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About The snuggL Company

Side Sleepers

The snuggL pillow is a side-sleeper’s dream come true. Its L-shaped design combines a standard pillow with a body pillow to promote better alignment and to ease back pain.

It was back pain that lead Dr. Carl Cricco, Jr. to see his own doctor, who recommended sleeping with a pillow between his knees to help. The pillow never stayed in place, so Carl and his son (also named Carl) created their own solution.

The L-shape design has medium firmness that supports your head and gives you more surface to wrap a leg around. Inside, hypoallergenic micro-gel fiber filling helps the pillow stay in shape and maintains consistent density throughout. It also lets the pillow adapt to your position and works to help keep you feeling cool.

Though side sleepers are the obvious winners with a snuggL pillow, pregnant women and anyone with back pain can also benefit from its all-around cushiony comfort.