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Himalayan Salt Bowl, 6"

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Gourmet, hard-to-find 6" bowl of solid pink salt can be used in an infinite number of ways. It can be chilled in the fridge or freezer, used at room temperature and heated in the oven.

  • Solid pink salt bowl, 6"
  • Can be chilled in the fridge or freezer, used at room temperature and heated in the oven.
  • At any temperature, ideal bowl for serving and seasoning
  • The world's top chefs are using it for serving: sashimi, Kobe beef, poultry, seafood, sliced fruit and vegetables, unsalted butter to name a few
  • To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth and store. 
  • You can also rinse with warm water, using a soft brush to ensure the removal of all food particles.
  • Dry the salt rock thoroughly in a warm oven to prevent further dissolution of the salt and seal it in plastic wrap until your next use.
  • While it will shrink slightly with each use, if treated they will last many years.


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About The Spice Lab

A World of Salt

What can you do with a slab of salt that’s 250 million years old? Lots of incredible things, including cooking, grilling, chilling, and serving. Hand-cut slabs of pink, mineral-rich Himalayan salt have a beautifully marbled appearance that will turn heads at your next get-together. You can chill a brick in the freezer and use it to serve sushi, cold meats and cheeses, or fresh fruit and vegetables. Or, if you heat a salt brick to high temperatures in the oven or on a grill, you can sear seafood, meats, vegetables and other quick-cooking foods on it. It’s a functional cooktop and an artful serving platter in one, while subtly infusing the flavors of natural, pure salt into your food.

The Spice Lab, founded by Brett Cramer, also offers Himalayan salt bowls (great for serving dips), a mortar and pestle for blending herbs and spices, and chalice-style tequila glasses made of solid pink salt. The salt bricks and vessels are harvested from the Himalayan mountain range in Pakistan. Carefully mined, it’s pure, high quality salt that requires no processing or purification.

Brett, who left an Internet career to pursue his passion for salts, also offers gourmet salt collections culled from The Spice Lab’s extensive selection of more than 175 salts. Sourced from around the world, these hard-to-find salts have unique characteristics, and Brett explains how to use each one and find the right variety to pair with different dishes. Are you ready to spice up your next meal?

— Ann
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