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Tie Mags keep your tie in place with industrial-strength magnets, and keep it looking pristine afterward. Magnetic force replaces pins that puncture, and clips that leave a mark. Even silk is safe.

  • Made in the USA: CA and PA
  • Material: Silver- or gold-plated neodymium magnet (NdFeB)
  • Care: Do not allow Tie Mags to drop as they may crack or shatter (care instruction card included)
  • Tie Mags are not toys and are not meant for children
  • Strong magnet keeps your tie in place and will not fall off
  • Dimensions: 0.75" x 0.75" x 0.125"
  • Weight: 0.18 lb.
  • Warning: Do not use if wearing a pacemaker

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Keep your money

4/15/2015 by Sue

Since both the front & back pieces are magnetic, the front piece jumps off your tie when you get close to anything metal (truck door, filing cabinet drawer, microphone boom, metal folding chair, etc). The inside magnet then falls down inside your shirt (or worse, your pants). This idea might work if only the back part were magnetic, but this current design just doesn't work well in real life application.More > < Less


Lost it the first time I wore it

3/9/2015 by Bev

I used the pyramid tie mag on a scarf. It popped off within 5 minutes in spite of the fact that the scarf was even less thick than a tie. I found both front and back and tried again. Sometime during my work day it must have popped off again because the front is gone and can't be found. Very disappointing because it wasn't cheap especially when combined with extra cost for shipping.
Is there a way to get a refund?
More > < Less


Save your Money

2/13/2015 by Vickey

Gave one to my husband (professor). He lost the front twice, found it both times--then lost the back magnet--didn't find it. This was all on the first day that he wore the pyramid to the office. Love the idea, but it's not ready--sorryMore > < Less

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Tie Mags - Magnetic Tie Clip

About Tie Mags

Use the Force

Tie Mags are simple, stylish magnetic tie clips, made with a high tech alloy that resists rust and corrosion. With industrial-strength magnetic force, Tie Mags keep your tie—or scarf, or cuffs, or other accessories—in place, without leaving a mark on your tie.

Maker Paul Robert Prusinowski's collection of nice, expensive ties was constantly at risk around food, coffee, and office supplies. But he didn’t want to poke holes in the silk or crease it with traditional tie pins and clips. He began experimenting with magnets to clasp a tie, and he designed Tie Mags to look as good as the tie they’re on.

So, don’t just keep your tie and accessories in place. Keep them intact, with Tie Mags.