iPhone & Apple Watch Battery Bank

By Time Traveler

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This Apple Watch portable charger provides on-the-go power and is the only travel solution that lets you use your watch in Nightstand mode, too. The pocket-sized design combines an induction charging pad with a built-in Lightning cable and a USB port to charge three devices all at the same time.

  • Materials: Plastic housing, LED lights, electronics
  • Features two USB ports, micro-USB charging port & built-in Lightning cable for Apple
  • Note: Power cord is located in the white cardboard compartment underneath the "insert"
  • Compact, pocket-friendly design
  • 3000 mAH battery holds enough charge for about 7 full Apple Watch charges
  • Takes about 2 hours to fully charge an Apple Watch or iPhone
  • Features built-in magnetic charging for Apple Watch
  • Please note: Magnetic charging dock will work with Apple Watch only, will not charge other Qi enabled device
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 6" x 4.4" x 1.2"
  • Weight: 0.44 lb

44 Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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A great birthday gift!

7/7/2019 by Mary

My husband was thrilled with the Time Traveler. He no longer has to bring all the wires and other contraptions for our phones when we travel. This one little device covers it all. We have used it a few times already and it is performing as advertised. A very satisfied customer!More > < Less


Loved it

6/26/2019 by Leslie

Very good to have when traveling!


It's the best!

6/26/2019 by Debra

I'm back to order a 5th one. I keep one in my purse, one by my bed, and in several other locations. I have given several as gifts and the recipients loved this charger as well. I've purchased many others in the past, but this one exceeded all of my expectations. I use the watch charger every night. However, even if you don't have an apple watch, the charger is still worth buying. It is lightweight and it comes with a built-in lightning cable for your iPhone so you only carry one item with you.More > < Less


Great Compact Charger

6/22/2019 by Judith

My husband is a great one for buying unique gifts for special occasions. When I found this battery bank online, I found the perfect Father’s Day gift for him. Of course, I bought one for myself knowing how useful it would be for me, too!More > < Less


Very Convenient!

5/27/2019 by Stephani

This is a wonderful charger, what a great idea! I recently took it with me on a week-long vacation, and was able to charge my Apple Watch, iPhone and my Kindle right on my nightstand. I loved the fact that I didn't have to pack chargers. (I did need to take my Kindle charger, but was able to plug right into the USB port on the Time Traveler.) Thanks for such a convenient product!More > < Less


Good charger

5/8/2019 by Una Mae

I bought this on a whim and am very glad I did. I was not sure it would really work, but it does beautifully. what's more it will work as a portable charger in airports rather than taking another larger one along. I am very pleased with this. I think I will get it for my granddaughter to whom I'm giving an Apple Watch to for graduation.More > < Less


Perfect product!

5/7/2019 by Renee

This my second Time Traveler. I had to order a second one because my kids kept stealing my first one. The charger is so small and charges the watch and phone so quickly, it’s a must have. And it’s really great for traveling so you don’t have to bring a bunch of different cords and charges, this charges all your apple devices quickly and easily.More > < Less


Watch charger,

4/28/2019 by John

Way too pricey!,,,,,,,,,good item though


Nice Product

4/26/2019 by Ronnie

I bought this product to keep from having to carry my charging station that I have at home. I find this product more practical. I also purchased a second one for my son.More > < Less


iPhone and apple battery bank

3/26/2019 by Wendy

This was a gift for my daughter and she loves it.


Great combination!

3/15/2019 by Saoirse

It's so convenient to have a small, compact and lightweight tool for charging my Apple Watch and iPhone. I bought it for traveling, but have used it already multiple times while driving for a quick charge while I'm just sitting. Seems to hold a good amoount of charge and recharges quickly. I'm happy!More > < Less


Hubby loves it

3/4/2019 by Audrey

Works great! My husband loves the watch recharger, just has to lay it on top! And to have additional chargers for his phone and iPad are icing on the cake! He claims we’re getting another one when he buys me a watch!More > < Less


Nice and handy

2/24/2019 by Catherine

We took it on a recent trip and it worked great. My husband loves it!


Easy to use

2/13/2019 by Millie



Goes with Apple Watch given as a Christmas gift

1/21/2019 by Pamela

Since my nephew received an Apple Watch from his mom for Christmas this caught my eye. We as a family are travelling this summer and he can use this to charge both his phone, his moms phone, and his watch. No need to drag along all those extra cords. I will be giving this for his birthday late next month so here’s hoping he likes it as much as I do.More > < Less


Excellent charger

1/19/2019 by Raylene

This terrific gadget has helped my husband pare down how much he has to travel with and now I’m ordering one for me too.


Great Product

1/6/2019 by Gretchen

Bought this for my husband to take on the road with him. Works great!


This was a big hit!

1/4/2019 by Dana

I gave this to my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas, since they have iPhones and Apple watches, plus other Apple products. They were very pleased. My daughter even put in in her purse and used it to charge up her iPhone while she was out and where there was no other way to charge it. They LOVE it!More > < Less


Christmas gift

12/31/2018 by Jane

I purchased this for my daughter who travels a lot. She loves it! It will come in handy as it is compact and works quickly for recharging her watch.More > < Less


Time Traveler

9/30/2018 by Renee

I bought 2 ! 1 for me & 1 for a friend. It is great. Took it on vacation for 2 weeks over seas and I never had to recharge it the whole time. Upon arriving back home I was amazed because it still had 1 notch left. I LOVE IT!More > < Less


Love It!

9/2/2018 by Cindy

Works for both phone and watch, easy to recharge and use. Great Product. Recently carried it with me while traveling. Never had to worry about where to charge my phone and watch.More > < Less


Perfect for my grandson

8/7/2018 by Mary Beth

I saw this and knew that it would be perfect for my busy grandson. He is in junior high and plays 3 sports so I know he will use this. It will keep him connected to his mom and his grandmother, love that.More > < Less


Very good product.

8/4/2018 by Johnny

I needed to purchase a new charging dock for my iPhone 7s; my over exuberant German Shepherd puppy managed to destroy the one I had. I especiallyI especially enjoy the reduced “footprint” it leaves on my nightstand, not to mention the dollar value ratio for the price. It is a three port charging station that will charge iPhones, an Apple Watch, and your choice of any other device you have that requires a USB port.More > < Less


A great addition to my chargers

7/29/2018 by Al

This charger will allow me the freedom to go anywhere and not worry about my watch losing power. I recommend it to any iWatch user.


Battery bank

6/25/2018 by Connie

The description of the battery bank was totally accurate. Ordering was easy, product shipped promptly. I consider this invaluable when traveling


Good idea

6/19/2018 by Virginia

This was a Father's day gift for my husband. He loved it, and is looking forward to using it.


Husband loves this

6/18/2018 by Colleen

This was a Father’s Day gift to my husband. He says it works great and is very pleased with it


Love it!

6/8/2018 by Renee

This is exactly what I needed. I really do love it! I’m often out of town and have been having to unplug my original watch charger (the outlet is behind my night stand) to take it along. Now I don’t. And the size is perfect for fitting in a bag be it purse or briefcase.More > < Less


A Must Have

6/4/2018 by Debbie

Definitely a must have if you own a I watch. Great for travel.


Fabulous product!

6/4/2018 by Dianne

Ever since I began using the Grommet site, I have been greatly impressed at their variety of products. Everything I have purchased has been of the greatest quality. Thanks so much!More > < Less


Three in One space saver!

6/4/2018 by Lawrence

Great for Trips!


This really is “the cat’s meow”

5/15/2018 by Kay

The size is perfect, the charge is FAST! This is on the top of my Gift Giving list for birthdays and Christmas


This is a awesome product. A must have for everyone.

4/8/2018 by Kris

I was very pleased with this product.
Once again Grommet has a new fantastic product.


Best Apple Watch Charger

4/8/2018 by Trudith

I was charging my Apple Watch on the nightstand next to my bed where I have USB outlets on my clock. It was constantly being knocked off the charger by my cats. I had no other outlets to plug a charger into. This product is perfect! I can put it anywhere I want because it is not tethered. I charge the charger every 5 days and have had no problems. Expensive, but definitely meets my needs.More > < Less


Great for travel!

4/8/2018 by William

Better than expected!


It's a Good Idea But...

8/18/2019 by Anna

The size is great and the idea of producing an energy bank for both the watch and a device is awesome. Unfortunately, when I put my second generation Apple watch on it it didn't charge and a message came up on the watch saying it wasn't a "compatible" device. In terms of charging my phone, a full charge on the bank took my iPhone X up to about 75% battery power. This was plenty to get me through the day but I wouldn't count on it for a full charge. On a separate occasion my iPad was almost dead and the bank took it up to about 30%. So it's handy, but watch your expectations.More > < Less


Time traveler keeps you charged.

1/14/2019 by James

Great potable charger that holds charge longer than any other portable charger. Is great for traveling. Does not work on Fitbit watches.


Great for travel!

5/17/2018 by Katrina

Love that this charges both the Apple Watch and iPhone. I have already used on 2 trips. The cable (mini USB) to charge the Time Traveler is a bit hidden in the packaging. Also, would be nice if it had a case or bag included.More > < Less


Not what it claimed

9/26/2018 by Candy

I purchased two of these chargers, one for me and one for a friend because neither of seem to be able to keep our watch charged. Its claim of how many charges you can get off of it before recharging is not even close. Does not pack the punch i had hoped for.More > < Less


Careful how you use it

5/20/2018 by Jim

I thought by keeping the charging device plugged into power overnight that I could charge my Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad at the same time. What I found is that is that the Watch would recharge, but the other devices wouldn’t necessarily receive power. That said, it does work well as a power bank, offering a supplemental boost (if not full recharge) to the phone or watch as needed.

From the Maker:

"The Time Traveler has a maximum power output of 2.1 amps. A fully drained iPad typically requests about 2 amps to fully recharge, while an iPod requests about 1 amp and the Apple Watch requests about ½ amp. Trying to recharge three drained devices at one time may result in sub-optimal results. Try charging one device to full power and then plug in your other two devices. This should provide enough power to recharge your remaining devices."
More > < Less


Charge doesn’t last

5/15/2018 by c

The charge on this doesn’t last long enough to charge a phone and a watch so it’s not very useful.


Works well at first

4/13/2018 by Ryan

The first few days of this device were great: Small, light weight, sturdy cables. Then came a few cycles of the battery. I’ve used this now for about a week and it won’t hold a full charge of my iPhone and Apple Watch. Given the price tag, I would not recommend this device.More > < Less



4/10/2019 by Mary

Although I love the compact size and ability to charge 3 items simultaneously, it drains quickly and I’m constantly having to recharge the device. Also, there is no way possible it would charge several iPhones. False advertising.More > < Less


insufficient directions

3/11/2019 by Judy

I need to plug this into a wall outlet to charge it and there is no info about what to use.

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About Time Traveler

Portable Charger

Time Traveler is an Apple Watch portable charger that can power up your other favorite devices, too, when you’re away from home.

The pocket-sized battery bank can charge three devices at once by combining an induction charging pad, a built-in Lightning cable, and a USB port. It’s an all-in-one, on-the-go solution that’s perfect for travel.

When charged up, Time Traveler can provide around seven Apple Watch charges, or give other devices an emergency boost. And it’s the only Apple Watch charging solution that supports Nightstand Mode—which is when the watch functions (on your nightstand) as an alarm clock.