Sweetheart Scannable Stickers


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Personalized messaging stickers let you add audio, video, or photos to any object you like. You record the content, link it to the sticker via the TINE app, and whomever you choose can access the content with their smartphone. Bring major personalization to gifts and greetings, add instructions around the house for guests . . . add interaction to anything you can stick a sticker on.

  • Made in the USA: Los Angeles, CA
  • Materials: Paper with plastic coating and sticker adhesive
  • Record and embed custom message into unique sticker code using free “Tine Tag” app
  • Great for personalizing greeting cards, for use on scavenger hunts, and providing household/classroom instructions
  • "Tine Tag” app available on Apple Store and Google Play
  • App compatible with Apple iOS and Android
  • Messages easily viewed by recipient using “Tine Tag” app
  • Customizable privacy settings allow you to control who can scan and view message
  • Each sticker allows for 60-90 seconds of video or 15 minutes of audio
  • Can use existing audio/video or record live
  • Easy to re-record or change message remotely at any time
  • Flexible and compact sticker easily adheres onto almost all surfaces
  • Comes with 16 programmable stickers
  • Heart design
  • Dimensions: Each tag is 0.66" x 1.75"
  • Weight: 0.2 lb.
You’re stuck inside a birthday card.

About TINE

Talking Stickers

These personalized messaging stickers can do the talking for you. Stick one on any physical object to add video, audio, or pictures.

Put a voice or video recording in a greeting card. Give guests instructions for your remote control. Add Grandpa’s voice to a storybook. Let gallery visitors learn about the inspiration behind a painting. The uses are as infinite as your imagination.

Once you create content, you link it to the sticker via the TINE app. Others can access that content by scanning the sticker with their smartphone. Each sticker uses a QR code—which can store a web address or other info. But unlike other QR codes, TINE lets you limit who can see the content.
TINE’s Founders came up with their idea while sharing a bottle of wine. Hearing from the winemaker, they thought, would really enhance their experience. Now sharing memories, instructions, messages—or anything you want—is as easy as sticking on a sticker.