GPS-Enabled Wearable Kids' Cellphone

By Tinitell


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This kids’ watch phone will have children feeling a bit of independence and their parents feeling connected. It looks like a smart watch but it’s pared-down to be easy for kids to handle. They can make calls to up to 12 contacts that parents choose. The phone is GPS-enabled, too, so parents can keep an eye on their location—and an eye on the call log through the app.

  • Materials: TPSiV wristband, PCBA, lithium ion battery, LED lights
  • Care: Clean wristband with soft wet cloth. Water splash-resistant IPx4. Not waterproof
  • Includes Tinitell cell phone, magnetic USB charger, pre-installed Ting SIM card, mini screwdriver, 2 mini screws, quick start manual, and product manual
  • Instructions for use: Scroll through contact list by pressing the + / - buttons. The big button on face of watch can be pressed to initiate a call once desired contact is found
  • Two-way calling
  • Tinitell app- and Bluetooth-connected (iOS & Android)
  • Up to 12 contacts can be stored on device via Tinitell app
  • Contact voice label can be recorded by parents or kids
  • One-touch button can make calls to anyone on contact list
  • Calls can be monitored through app
  • Straps around wrist like a watch, freeing up hands
  • GNSS + LBS + WiFi tracking allows parents to safely locate children on a map via Tinitell app
  • Press and hold "-" volume button to tell time out loud and show time in LED lights
  • Minimal features for ease of use by children
  • Unlocked 2G GSM mobile phone
  • $9/month plan, powered by Ting, a T-Mobile-based mobile network provider. Grommet customers get 3 months of free service
  • Compatible with any micro-SIM card
  • Charges in less than 2 hours
  • Allows 1 hour of continuous talk time and up to 3 days of battery life when idle
  • Recommended for kids ages 3+
  • Designed in Sweden; Made in China
  • Dimensions: 7.9" x 1.1" x 0.24"
  • Weight: 0.12 lb.
A kid-only, scaled-down smart phone.

About Tinitell

Your Kid’s First Mobile Phone

Tinitell is a kids’ watch phone that might look like the grown-up versions, but it’s scaled all the way down to be easy for kids to use.

The simplified technology lets kids call up to 12 contacts that their parents choose. To make a call, kids can scroll through the list.

Monthly cell service is provided through Ting (for a separate fee). Parents can keep an eye on calls through the companion app. And because the phone is GPS-enabled, they can keep tabs on their kids’ location in real-time, too.

Tinitell gives kids a measure of independence while parents gain extra peace of mind.