LED Magnifier with Calculating Device

By Tip 'n Split

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With a tip calculator tucked in your pocket, the days of attempting division and percentages in your head are over. This handy device splits the check and figures out the tip amount. It also has a built-in magnifier and LED light to help you see things better, like tiny receipt print or a menu in low mood lighting.

  • Materials: Plastic housing, plastic magnifier, LED lights
  • Care: Wipe with dry cloth
  • Features a magnifier and LED light
  • Easily fits in pocket or purse
  • Easy to use, intuitive prompting for tipping and splitting
  • Uses 3 LR44 button-type batteries
  • Please note: This device cannot be used as a traditional calculator
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 2.6" x 4.57" x 0.37"
  • Weight: 0.11 lb.

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Worth getting


Three ladies go out to eat often. If restaurants want give individual bills, this comes in handy!


This is useless


I don't want to tip including tax, There is no way to use the tip'n split, You cannot calculate the tip with out having to add two numbers it is not an adding machineMore > < Less

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2 taps to split the dinner check.

About Tip 'n Split

Diner's Division

This handy device is the easiest-to-use tip calculator we’ve found. Tuck it in your pocket or purse and there’s no need to consult a smartphone (or try to do mental math) to figure out tips and split restaurant checks.

Tip 'n Split looks like a typical calculator, but it’s streamlined to determine the tip then the amount each diner owes—and that’s it. Connie Inukai created it for retirees like herself.

She and her friends would have difficulty reading menus and the bill while dining out, and many didn’t own a smartphone. So Connie’s device does the dining out math, and it has a built-in magnifier and LED light, too, to help see things in dim lighting.

Using Tip 'n Split is intuitive. On-screen prompts help you divvy up that check with a few taps.