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It’s no secret that prepackaged gingerbread kits can be a letdown. The gingerbread is like cardboard, and the candy pieces often run out before you finish decorating. Baking gingerbread from scratch is a tastier option, but it’s time consuming and tricky to make fresh-baked walls that won’t collapse.

Kendall Cobb and Rhonda Dunn
knew there had to be a better way. They envisioned a reusable house that’s easy to assemble and ready to decorate—all year long. A local craftsman made the first prototypes out of wood, and today the Candy Cottage is made with sturdy, safe plastic by Cottage Products of eastern North Carolina. You can create a heart-themed house for Valentine’s Day, a patriotic abode for the Fourth of July, and a haunted house for Halloween. When you’re done with a display, all you have to do is wash the frosting and decorations off the walls and roof, and you’re ready for your next inventive creation.

The possibilities are endless. You can experiment with birthday or holiday themes, traditional or modern designs, beach cottages or barns. All you need is your imagination and favorite decorative treats to make sweet memories year-round.
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Candy Cottage - reusable candy house

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Kendall and
    Kendall and

    Welcome to The Candy Cottage. We’re Kendall and Rhonda, just two regular moms from the South who love to do crafts with our kids, especially around the holidays. Most of all, we love decorating Gingerbread Houses. Memory building with the family is extra special from Halloween through Thanksgiving and Christmas. But, with all of the duties of being a mom, there just isn’t time to bake, build and decorate an old fashioned gingerbread house. And, the kits just seem to fall apart in the middle of the process, ruining the day for everyone. So we developed The Candy Cottage. It’s ready to decorate, right out of the box. Simply snap it together, grab some regular canned frosting from the grocery store, some of your favorite candies, and start decorating. It’s that easy. It’s that fun. And, it won’t fall apart. Memories Made Sweet!

  •  Deb
    9/28/2012 12:33 PM

    Do the small cottages have windows and a door? In the photo you can't tell. Thx.

  • Chew-Hoong
    Chew-Hoong – Grommet Team
    9/28/2012 1:16 PM

    @ Deb: The small cottages have no windows or doors, a blank slate for you to go wild with your imagination and favorite decorative treats to create your "fantasy" cottage ;0) Here's one from Candy Cottage Party Pack of 4 Small Candy Cottages

  •  Karen
    9/28/2012 3:58 PM

    I love Grommet! I think the products are creative and the videos are delightfully done. This candy house really does make a lot of sense. Those gingerbread houses never get eaten anyway!

  • Kendall and
    Kendall and – Special Guest
    9/28/2012 4:28 PM

    @ Karen

    We agree! It's our first time on Daily Grommet and we're so pleased to have this chance to show our idea to everyone!

  •  Kal
    9/29/2012 2:30 PM

    Wow.. It really does sound fun.....very creative a good price !

    Does the large cottage have windows/doors etc ?? Would definitely want to get one..

    Love Daily Grommet....


  • Chew-Hoong
    Chew-Hoong – Grommet Team
    9/30/2012 3:42 PM

    @ Kal: The large cottage has windows & doors. Take a look at the photo under the video on the Candy Cottage featured page. Once you've created your fantasy cottage, take a photo & send to us at [email protected] We'd love to ooh & aah over it and display it here too.

  •  Sue
    11/5/2012 2:22 PM

    Are these boxes reuseable?

  • Chew-Hoong
    Chew-Hoong – Grommet Team
    11/5/2012 11:59 PM

    @ Sue: Yes!! This is what makes the Candy Cottage unique. It's made with sturdy, safe plastic; just wash the frosting and decorations off the walls and you’re ready for your next inventive creation.

  • Elizabeth
    11/6/2012 5:46 PM

    My kids decorated these with left-over halloween candy and had so much fun. I did too - no sweating over making the house or dealing with the inevitable collapse of the homemade ones. Thanks for a great product!

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