Flickin' Chicken

Rubber Chicken Target Game

Chicken Toss

Fling, bounce, roll, or toss a bird with this silly—and highly amusing—rubber chicken game.

It’s straightforward: aim your chicken at the included target, and whoever hatches the lowest score after nine rounds wins. Or you can flick the fun up and create your own version of the game.

Trade the target for a pot to take turns
playing “Chicken Soup,” gather containers to play “Bucket ’o Chicken,” or play a traditional round of “Dodge a Chick.” These flexible rubber fowls encourage imaginative game invention that’ll keep the whole family entertained.

Scored like golf and played a lot like bocce—Flickin Chicken is the brainchild of Joe Shumaker. This game then went on to set a world record in 2009, when 265 people gathered for some epic chicken tossing.

Rally your friends and family for some flickin fun. Don’t chicken out.
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Why the did chicken get flung across the street?

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Tami

    Hi everyone! Here at Haywire Group our motto is It's All Fun and Games, so I'm excited to introduce you to our game, Flickin' Chicken. This game is a bit silly and is fun for kids of all ages - I mean, really, who isn't going to smile and laugh while throwing around a rubber chicken! Flickin' Chicken will have your family putting down their smartphones and stepping away from their tablets for some good old fashioned face to face playing.

  • Wallace
    10/20/2016 2:07 PM

    Excuse my language, but this is flickin' awesome. This will make a great gift for my nephews...or me.

  • Tami
    Tami – Special Guest
    10/20/2016 2:48 PM

    @Wallace No worries Wallace, you'll have a flickin' good time playing it. And you'll be able to answer the very pressing question of "How do you flick your chicken?!"

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