Maze Racers

Fast-Paced Puzzle Game

Ready, Set, Race

Challenge your family to a hectic, strategic game night with Maze Racers. Make a maze as tricky—and as quickly—as possible, then pass it over to one of your opponents to navigate.

You build your maze using foam shapes on magnetic trays. Whoever is done first yells, "Ready to race!" and flips the sand timer—now everyone else has
just 60 seconds to finish building.

When the minute is up, swap trays, and try to maneuver the wooden ball through your opponent’s maze and back. Make it there first and you win the round.

After a few attempts, you’ll be able to make more complex mazes to trip up the competition. When we tried it out, our 11-year-old tester’s designs got progressively ambitious. This puzzle game is so engaging that kids won’t notice they’re building engineering and logic skills.

Inventor Andy Geremia’s first prototype of Maze Racers was made out of a cereal box and straws. The idea was so good, he won a competition with that makeshift board. Play a few rounds, and you’ll agree this game is a winner.
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Are you smarter than a rat in a maze?

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Andy

    Hello everyone! I'm proud to introduce Maze Racers to The Grommet. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have!

  • Elizabeth
    12/4/2015 10:13 AM

    Does the game come with two boards?



  • Andy
    Andy – Special Guest
    12/4/2015 10:24 AM


    Hi Elizabeth, yes the game comes with two boards.

  • Kelli
    12/4/2015 10:29 AM


    What are the age levels for Maze Racers?

    Thank you,


  • Andy
    Andy – Special Guest
    12/4/2015 10:44 AM

    Kelli, best for 8 and above. My niece and nephew (5 and 6) enjoying playing with the board and magnets. Adults looking to outsmart their opponents enjoy the game as well

  • Rod
    12/4/2015 10:46 AM

    What size are the boards/package they come in? Looking for something that might fit easily into a USPS flat rate box to send to an APO address.

  • Andy
    Andy – Special Guest
    12/4/2015 11:04 AM

    Rod, the game box is 11.75 x 15 x 2 and will fit in the USPS "Board Game Large Flat Rate Box", however based upon where your shipping it may cost less to ship in another box since the game weighs less than 3.5 lbs.

  • Charlene
    12/4/2015 12:55 PM

    Looks awesome, but like so many other great toys on Grommet, it's more then most folks can afford. Too bad. I'd buy it if a could afford it.

  • Mike
    Mike – Grommet Team
    12/4/2015 2:13 PM

    Hi Charlene, thanks for the comment! Price is one of the hardest variables for new Makers to control. One sure way of helping Makers bring their cost down, outside of actually buying, is spreading the word. You think it looks awesome and I know many others would agree. The more people that hear about Maze Racers, the more people buy, the more the price can be lowered.

    We certainly don't want you breaking the bank on this or any of our products and are always open to feedback about what you look for in terms of price in the toy category.

The launch day conversation has ended. Please direct further questions about this Grommet to our Community Experience Team.