LED Poi Balls

Practice Makes Poi-fect

These LED balls are an outdoor kids’ toy, but people of all ages will appreciate artfully swinging them. It’s a performance style that dates all the way back to an ancient Maori tradition.

The Maori would practice Poi by rhythmically waving weights to create hypnotic geometric patterns, while also prepping for battle.

It’s a
visual spectacle and a physical feat that Maker Kevin Daniels wanted to bring to more people. So he made his version of Poi softer, lighter, and way brighter with the LEDs. Not only will you have fun with this entrancing form of entertainment, but it will also help improve your coordination, flexibility, and dexterity. Read More Read Less
The Poi-fect way to promote fun & dexterity.

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Kevin

    Hello Grommet nation! I'm Kevin Daniels President and co-founder of Spinballs. I look forward to answering your questions and spending the day with you to share my love and passion for poi and the many benefits that something as simple as a ball on a string can provide. It's not only incredibly fun, but it can help with mental and physical development in areas of coordination, dexterity, flexibility, rhythm, spatial awareness, and confidence while keeping you active in a relaxing and therapeutic tai chi sort of way. And did I mention it's incredibly fun?

  • Patricia
    11/29/2016 11:08 AM

    This really looks like a lot of fun. I may have to buy a set for my granddaughter, just so I can use it as well.

  • Kevin
    Kevin – Special Guest
    11/29/2016 11:43 AM

    @Patricia A lot of people do that. It is a great activity for all ages and this has been designed to be forgiving as you learn the moves. It really is fun for the whole family.

  • Nickyla
    11/29/2016 11:20 AM

    It looks like the LED colors change randomly as the balls are in motion, is that correct? Is there any way to have the balls set to one color/solid?

  • Kevin
    Kevin – Special Guest
    11/29/2016 11:44 AM

    @Nickyla There are 8 different modes. You can let the colors change randomly, set a single color or select a couple of extra strobe or dotted pattern modes.

  • Sharon
    11/29/2016 11:25 AM

    Thinking the price point is a bit high for two balls on a string?

    Where are you making them?

    Grommet Fan

  • Kevin
    Kevin – Special Guest
    11/29/2016 11:50 AM

    @Sharon you would be surprised. One of the reasons we decided to develop this product was because there were no inexpensive options for this type of product. In the past it could run you $100 or more and even then you were not guaranteed good quality. We designed these specifically to be cost effective and have excellent quality/durability and mode options as well as soft so you can learn without hurting yourself.

    Our product was designed by us here in the USA, but like 99% of LED related products it is manufactured in China. We hope to make this product here in future. But if you think $24.95 is expensive, you really won't like the price for what it will cost us at that point.

  • Sharon
    11/29/2016 11:56 AM


    I don't mind paying more if product is made in the states. Considering the China connection I stand by my observation.

    Thanks Kevin

  • Sharon
    11/29/2016 11:57 AM


    It does look like it would be great fun and our Grandkids would love them.

    I may reconsider the cost.

    thanks again.

  • Kevin
    Kevin – Special Guest
    11/29/2016 12:28 PM

    @Sharon there really is a lot of value beyond the fun aspect. One of the things that really motivates us is spreading the benefits of this activity.

    Especially to kids who are normally never given a chance to try this type of activity. The physical and mental benefits for coordination, dexterity, flexibilty, rhythm, as well as being therapeutic while getting them active and off the couch/video games. :)

  • Kevin
    Kevin – Special Guest
    11/29/2016 12:31 PM

    One other thought on this is the benefits to all ages. There is actually research being done as we speak in New Zealand on the physical and mental benefits of poi for the elderly. They are looking at the areas of flexibility, mobility and being active to maintain cognitive function.

    So there really is a lot of potential benefits we hope others will realize from something so simple as a ball on a string.

  • lia
    11/29/2016 11:58 AM

    I am wondering if this would be a good gift for my nephew , he is five ?

  • Kevin
    Kevin – Special Guest
    11/29/2016 12:37 PM

    @lia That is a great question. We officially recommend Spinballs for ages 6 and up because that is the age range to really be able to learn the moves well.

    However, our product has been laboratory and safety tested and found to be safe in children 3 year and older.

    We find that kids under 6 still have a lot of fun and enjoy just swinging them around and seeing the lights seeming to paint the air.

    One of our main goals is to expose people, especially kids to the benefits of poi which can help with mental and physical benefits like coordination, dexterity, spatial awareness, flexibility as well as having fun playing.

  • Connie
    11/29/2016 12:16 PM

    Do these come with some kind of instruction or is there something on-line that a person can watch to learn some of the more complex maneuvers?

    Also, is it something that a person could do inside when the weather is cold--maybe in a garage?

  • Kevin
    Kevin – Special Guest
    11/29/2016 12:44 PM

    @Connie Yes to both of your questions. :)

    Inside the package is an instructional Dvd that takes you through the basics and a little beyond that. Additionally we are very close to launching over the next few weeks our Spinballs poi app which will be for android and apple and will contain an even more in depth and brand new content of instruction and inspirational videos from top poi spinners from around the world.

    As far as spinning inside, that is perfectly fine. Obviously pick a spot where you don't have things close that can be knocked over as you are learning.

    I personally spin in my bedroom in the mornings as I get ready and use the dresser mirror as a way to see the patterns I am making to help me make them more clean and precise.

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