Balance Bike

Training Bike

TootScoot is a children’s balance bike designed to boost kids’ motor skills and help them gain confidence before graduating to a pedal bike.

Staying balanced is fun—and easier—when you’re low to the ground and on wider-than-normal wheels. Kids can start scootin’ between ages two to five—virtually as soon as they learn to walk.

Maker Buck Hale is an avid BMX rider and motocross competitor, so it’s no surprise his son Seth was ready to get on two wheels at an early age. Buck built the first TootScoot when Seth was
one. Parents started inquiring after seeing him cruise with his feet off the ground.

Adjust the seat and handle bars for your little rider and watch them scoot all by themselves.
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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Andrew

    Hey everyone Andrew Coe here from TootScoot and I am so happy to be sharing with you today on The Daily Grommet. We are so excited to show everyone what the TootScoot and the balance bike craze is all about. I don't know about you but when I was a kid my parents taught me to ride a bike with a set of training wheels on the back along with one of those long orange flags. I eventually learned to balance but I can't say the training wheels helped much. With the TootScoot our goal is to make training wheels completely obsolete. The TootScoot is a miniature bike that a child can learn to ride anywhere from 18 months to five years. The bike has extra wide tires, is low to the ground and has no pedals. Just set your favorite little kid on the bike and watch them learn. At first they'll use their feet but eventually you'll see them put their feet up and without them even being aware of it they have learned to balance. It is an awesome sight to see. If you have any questions I'm at your service.

  •  Kim
    3/13/2013 12:11 PM

    These are awesome. My husband and I are avid Supercross fans and have seen riders' young kids scooting around on these in the pits. The kids love them! This Grommet is a great tool for teaching little ones balance.

  • Andrew
    Andrew – Special Guest
    3/13/2013 12:18 PM

    @ Kim I agree! It is impressive to see how quickly children pick up on learning to balance on the TootScoot. Some take longer than others but the brave ones quickly learn to run really fast, put their feet up and glide. It's a joy to see the look of excitement on their faces when they first do this. They learn to balance without even trying.

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