Watermelon Ball

Neutrally Buoyant Water Ball


Up your swimming pool game with the Watermelon Ball.

We’ll explain. Apparently tossing around a real-life watermelon in water as entertainment is a thing. They behave differently than most air-filled balls, so you can actually dribble, kick, pass, and bounce them—all under water.

The reason for this behavior—not floating, not
sinking, and sort of suspending itself mid-water—is that watermelons are made of 92% water. That makes them neutrally buoyant. But real watermelons also break and make a mess...

The Watermelon Ball is made of tough rubber. You can fill it up with water and just a little bit of air to get it at the right buoyancy. Throw it up to 10 feet under water and combine elements of football, basketball, and rugby for some unconventional aquatic entertainment. Or toss it around outside the water, too.

Turns out no part of the pool is off bounds with this summer game changer.
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How come this ball won’t float or sink?

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Jeff

    What’s up Grommet fans! I’m Jeff Larson, creator of the Watermelon Ball. I am pumped to introduce this competitive, exciting pool game to The Grommet!

  • Carol
    6/13/2017 10:35 AM

    Just what I need for my pool for my grandsons!! They would love these and so would my husband. I'll be ordering 2 or maybe 3. Great idea!!

  • Jeff
    Jeff – Special Guest
    6/13/2017 11:13 AM

    I play with my nephews once a week at our public pool. They love playing. I am sure your grandsons will love it!

  • Joan
    6/13/2017 11:58 AM

    @Jeff how do you put water in it when you don't have device shown in video and also the little air does it need pumped in or blown in. Love the ball for all my older grandkids but don't want to buy any if they gave to buy device to fill with water and or air

  • Joan
    6/13/2017 11:56 AM

    How do you get water into ball if you don't own one of the devises you show in video same with air is it blow up with mouth like a beach ball

  • Jeff
    Jeff – Special Guest
    6/13/2017 12:03 PM

    The ball comes with a hose adapter and needle to allow you to fill it with water.

  • Joan
    6/13/2017 12:40 PM

    @Jeff thank you hope they add that to description ordering four today for Christmas gifts grandkids all live in south and swim during winter

  • David
    6/13/2017 12:03 PM


    What size is this ball, can you compare it to other sports balls?

  • Jeff
    Jeff – Special Guest
    6/13/2017 12:35 PM

    The ball is approximately 9 inches in diameter. That is about the same size as a soccer ball.

  • Susan
    6/13/2017 1:20 PM

    I bought this for my grandson to take to camp but now I found out that they usually don't allow outside "toys" in. Is there a website that I can send with the watermelon so they can look it up?

  • Jeff
    Jeff – Special Guest
    6/13/2017 2:38 PM

    There are instructional videos located on our site, and youtube links are pasted below:



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