Multi-link Car Mat

By Traction Mat

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This rugged, treaded mat gives tires the traction they need to free stuck cars from mud, ice, and sand. The innovative linked design makes this mat flexible, so it can better grip the ground and conform to inconsistencies in the terrain. It also rolls up for handy, just-in-case trunk storage.

  • Materials: Low density PE, iron screws, a nylon mono-filament
  • Care: Hand wash
  • Multi-Link ensures that it hugs the ground and won't crack
  • Includes one mat and one storage bag
  • Works on snow, mud, or sand
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 36" x 10" x 0.5"
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs.

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Not Worried Anymore


I purchased this product for my daughter, who lives in the mountains where it snows. I've always worried she would get stuck, without any one around to help. So this makes me feel much better, I'm no longer worried. Thank you!More > < Less


Great value


I;m packing for a trip from Philadelphia to mt. Washington NH with two onboard. Afterwhich the four I bought will be in four cars. Before ordering I shopped the local auto stores. They had the kind that were folding rigid panels of plastic that could fly out from under the car. I was very pleased with the design and quality of the Traction Mat.More > < Less


Looks like it will work, good quality.


I bought this in advance of our crazy Virginia winters. We usually only have one terrible storm, but inevitably we, or one of our neighbors gets stuck in the slush in the street. I think this will work much better than sand. With any luck I won't have to use it!More > < Less


Its works!


I bought one for myself, husband ,son and daughter to keep in our cars' just in case'. I showed them to my mother n law and she bought herself one and one for a gift. My son has already used his at work to get a forklift 'unstuck'! He said it worked like a charm. I also purchased 2 more to use as Christmas gifts.More > < Less


The Snow Tool


Didn't get a chance to use it this winter and hopefully the weather won't allow me to use it in the future. Yet having it in my trunk is reassuring.

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Does your trunk have traction?

About Traction Mat

Tire Traction

If you’re ever caught with a helplessly spinning tire, Traction Mat’s linked treads can give needed grip on icy, muddy, or just uneven terrain.

Founder Meghan Edge found herself in a common predicament—in her car, stuck in the snow. She used a flat mat to try to get unstuck, but it wouldn’t grip the uneven ground.

Meghan designed Traction Mat with innovative links that make it flexible, so it hugs the ground and won’t crack. Unroll Traction Mat under your tire (either the rear or front driver’s side, depending on whether the car has rear or front wheel drive) and simply drive over it.

To have it on hand just in case, the mat rolls up easily and compactly to stow in the trunk. Normally when people get stuck, they desperately improvise with whatever is nearby—like a shovel or a piece of plywood. Traction Mat is a much saner way to give tires some needed traction.