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Sleep comfortably on a flight, bus ride, or a car trip—even in the middle seat—with the Trtl Pillow. This lightweight, easy-to-pack nap scarf has flexible internal supports that hold your head in a natural position—no need to lean on anyone or anything. Pull the washable fleece scarf up for coziness (or to hide that unseemly drool).

  • Material: Hypoallergenic, lightweight fleece
  • Care: Machine wash at 86°F
  • Scientifically proven to hold head in an ergonomic position
  • Adaptable internal support system allows scarf to be worn across the front of the neck, either side, or under the chin
  • Supports comfortable sleep on the move for both long and short trips
  • Packs up to half the size of regular travel pillows and easily attaches to the outside of luggage for convenient carrying
  • Scarf fits all neck sizes
  • Not suitable for children; recommended for ages 14 and up
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 7.5" x 7.5" x 3.7"
  • Weight: 0.33 lb.

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I am retired, and don't sleep well at night, so often find myself taking naps during the day. I am also about to take off on a trip that will require several hours of sitting at a time -- so look forward to using it then, as well. It is both soft enough and stiff enough to be a helpful sleep tool for sitting up -- and helps to keep my mouth shut so my mouth doesn't dry out while napping. Definitely happy I bought it, and recommend it to anyone else who has a need to upright sleeping!More > < Less


Purchased a second one!


My husband tried mine and insisted we purchase a second one for him, too.


Excellent purchase!


Amazingly ergonomic and extremely comfortable.


Great way to travel


Bought this for myself and daughter and son in law. Light weight and easy to pack on carry on. Have tried it out at home (haven’t left yet on trip) and it supports the head perfectly (hated the regular travel pillows that push your head forward). Only draw back might be that it could make a person too warm, will see. Planes can be chilly anyway, so added warmth could be a good thing.More > < Less


Fabulous travel pillow!


I love this for traveling! Instead of having my head bobbing up and down when I'm trying to sleep on a plane, my head is supported with a brace against my neck, and I really do sleep! I also flip the wings on the back of the seat, to also support my head. I hang it on my handles of my backpack with the velcro that holds it in place on my neck, so it's easily accessible, and doesn't take up space in the backpack. Great invention!More > < Less

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This is the shoulder to sleep on.

About Trtl

Sit & Sleep

Napping on a plane (or bus or train...) can be nearly impossible, especially in the middle seat. The Trtl Pillow gives you soft-but-strong support so you can rest in a comfortable position no matter where you’re sitting.

Trtl is a lightweight nap scarf with flexible internal ribs that support your head from the side or under your chin. The natural, ergonomic position lets you rest easy, and you won’t wake up with a stiff neck. When we tried it here at the office, it was even better than having a wall (or someone else’s shoulder) to lean on.

Pull the fleece up over your mouth to keep cozy and, if you drool, it’s covered. The pillow is easy to travel with and it’s washable, too.

Co-founders Michael Corrigan and David Kellock met in college for mechanical engineering. Their shared love of travel and adventure inspired them to reinvent the travel pillow.

Their ingenious solution makes traveling more comfy and far less tiring.