Coordination Game - Original

By TrueBalance

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This balance toy was created as a rehabilitative tool to help hone fine motor skills—and it does it in the most fun and challenging way. The objective? Neatly stack the disks. That might sound simple, but it takes concentration and coordination to get the unpredictable, rotating magnetic beech wood discs to line up just right.

  • Materials: Beech wood, magnets, ball bearings
  • Includes: One wooden coordination game
  • Instructions: Hold TrueBalance and try to align all the discs. For a challenge, try it in your non-dominant hand or upside down
  • Magnetic discs rotate independently to allow a fun way to experiment with balance
  • Developed with occupational and physiotherapists as an aid to improve fine motor skills
  • A new problem solving experience with every single use
  • Unpredictable movements make every turn unique
  • Helps relieve stress by requiring focus and attention
  • For ages 8+
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 10" x 2.5" diameter
  • Weight: 0.88 lb

42 Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great for hand/eye coordination.

4/29/2019 by Kim

Fun toy, lots of laughs but not as hard as it looks.


Too heavy

3/3/2019 by Suzanne K.

I bought 2 of these, because I want 1 for my grandchildren and the other one is for the students at the elementary school where I volunteer. All agree that it is too heavy, and very difficult to balance the discs. My old, arthritic hands can't hold it. I should have gotten the smaller size, and let the kids build up to the larger one.More > < Less


Fun but expensive fun

12/7/2018 by Edward

The headline says it all.


Watch out for packaging

11/9/2018 by Christopher

I bought two of the smaller TrueBalances for my two youngest grandsons, both age 4. Each TrueBalance comes in one of those hard plastic blister packs - the kind sealed around the product - which you have to use a scissors or a knife to cut open. The pack in this case is hands down one of the most difficult and dangerous blister packs I've ever had to open.More > < Less



11/27/2018 by Frank

The True Balance worked the first few times we tried it. After that the top three wooden disks would not align. No matter who plays with it, it does not work any longer. Enjoyed it for one day.More > < Less

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About TrueBalance

Well-Balanced Fun

The TrueBalance balance toy practically begs you to pick it up. Once we did, we didn’t want to put it down.

The handheld toy-meets-brain teaser is made to work on fine motor skills and it is endlessly fun. The objective of the toy is to get the rotating magnetic discs to stack up. Sounds easy, but as we learned, it's not—which makes playing with it so engaging. The toy’s movements are unpredictable, so you have to react quickly. Kids and grown-ups alike rely on hand-eye coordination, concentration, problem solving skills, and, yes, balance, to get the discs to line up.

Henrik Deterberg and his daughter Linea invented TrueBalance as a rehabilitative tool for folks recovering from brain injuries and strokes. While it did the job of working fine motor skills, the Deterberg’s learned others were simply playing with it for fun. Pick one up and we think you’ll agree this toy is one the whole family will want to get their hands on.