Ultimate Fuzz Remover

By Gleener

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Keep your knits in a minty condition. This fuzz remover comes with interchangeable fabric-sensitive attachments to get rid of fuzz, pills, and balls from almost any kind of fabric, fiber, or knit.

  • Safe—will not pull or tear or damage your woven knit fabrics. Also safe for use on upholstery
  • Includes 3 detachable, fabric-sensitive Edges (fabric specific attachments)
  • Edge 1 for large, bulky pills commonly found on wool, acrylic sweaters, and coats
  • Edge 2 for medium sized fuzz balls found on finer wools such as cashmere and merino. Also highly effective on acrylics, polyesters, synthetic blends, and fleece
  • Edge 3 for delicate, fine pilling such as cotton and silk blends usually found on T shirts, scarves, and shirt collars
  • Easy Edge release button
  • Includes lint brush for a finished look
  • Recommended to use with light pressure, but more may be needed with synthetic fabrics
  • Use caution with loose weave fabrics or knits and ultra-thin materials such as burn-out fabrics
  • Should not be used on embroidery
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 7.2" x 4.5" x 2"
  • Weight: 0.3 lb.

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I've been looking for this and you had it.

10/30/2018 by Brenda

Love this. It works great.


Good product

10/30/2018 by Yessenia

Great product. Works well so far in a variety of fabrics including sweaters, couch and pants. I do wonder how long do the different heads last and if there is a replacement you can get separately, which I haven't found on the website. Other than that, working great so far.More > < Less



10/21/2018 by Celia

I love this fuzz remover. It works every time. Even on old sweaters.


Works as Advertised

10/18/2018 by Nancy

It renewed two of my sweaters. Good sweater investment.


Works great

9/10/2018 by Virginia

I tried the fine attachment on my compression stockings. It works quite well. I also used the large attachment on a blanket. It works great. It is packed in my suitcase for my next trip.More > < Less

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About Gleener

Fuzz Balls, Begone

Gleener has a solid reputation for getting rid of fuzz balls, pills, and hair on your clothes and furniture.

We discovered Gleener back in 2012 and our community still gives it high marks for refreshing sweaters and couches.

When Maker Kim Cole was pregnant, she was fixated on getting rid of clingy fuzz balls on all her sweaters and knits. The device she’d used before left holes in her favorite sweaters. She wanted something finer that would adapt to different fabrics and Gleener does just that.

One edge takes care of the heavy duty de-pilling bulky sweaters, while another is a gentle worker for more delicate cotton and silk blends. Once you’ve de-fuzzed, you can de-hair with the pet hair attachment and even de-lint.

Kim’s latest innovation is Gleener on the go, which you can carry with you for any last minute de-pilling and de-fuzzing

This is an easy way to increase the lifespan of your favorite knits and keep them in a minty condition for way longer.