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Antibacterial Silicone Toilet Brush

By Hygienic by Sanimaid


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This silicone toilet brush keeps your toilet clean and bacteria contained. Its flat silicone cleaning head is flexible enough to reach under the rim of the bowl, and it won’t collect or drip and splatter water. The handle has an antibacterial additive that keeps it 99.9% bacteria free, which helps minimize the risk of spreading germs around the house.

  • Materials: Silicone, polymer with antibacterial additive
  • Includes: One toilet brush and one plastic mount and brush holder
  • Silicone head is easy to clean and doesn’t harbor bacteria
  • Instructions: To mount the brush holder to the wall see mounting instructions
  • Brush holder features easy-mount 3M adhesive for optional screw-free mounting
  • Handle is treated with silver ions making it 99.9% bacteria free
  • Silicone head is water repellant, does not drip like alternative cleaning options
  • 360º ergonomic cleaning, can even reach under toilet rim
  • Features scrubbing grooves that handle dirt
  • Flexible silicone wings work to deep clean
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 17.5" x 3.75" x 0.29"
  • Weight: 0.32 lb.

51 Reviews (3.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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Best toilet brush ever!


I dont hate cleaning the toilet now!


I'm a Believer!


Took me a while to pull the trigger on this one, but I LOVE IT. Works so much better than a bristle brush - less effort is needed to really get the bowl clean, it gets under the lip like a brush can't, it's more compact, and easy to store without the grossness of a brush. If the bowl is really dirty, I just squirt some Lysol inside the bowl and let it sit a half hour, then it takes about 10 seconds to clean with this thing. And the silicone doesn't seem to be affected by the chemicals at all. And . . . I bought another one for my car! It's small enough that it fits in the door next to me. I use it for cleaning the inside of the windshield. It drives me nuts when you go to the carwash and they do more smearing than cleaning on the window. So I take a clean, dry washcloth or microfiber square, wrap it around the silicone head, and I can clean the whole inside windshield without getting out of the driver's seat. Window is crystal clear!More > < Less


Magic wand!


This device has mad my toilet cleaning much easier! It works really well and the mounted holder is great! Very good product.


Works as promised


It works great. Gets all surfaces clean. It took me longer to figure out how to stick the holder on the tile wall, then it did to get my toilet, which is oblong, clean. Great product.More > < Less


Makes task easier


I ordered two of these, one for each bathroom and I happily through out my old toilet brushes & holders. This product is neat, works well, works well, is streamlined, and antibacterial. Great!More > < Less

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About Hygienic by Sanimaid

Sanitary Silicone

Sanimaid has figured out a way to make toilet brushes more hygienic. Their silicone toilet brush has no bristles, so its flat silicone cleaning head won’t collect, drip, or splatter water. And it reaches under the rim of the bowl with ease, too.

Unlike traditional brushes, its handle has an antibacterial additive that keeps it 99.9% bacteria free to minimize the risk of spreading germs around the house. Sanimaid also comes with a minimalist holder mount that keeps the brush readily accessible. From its flexible silicone head to its plastic antibacterial handle, Sanimaid is designed to make this dreaded chore easier—and a whole lot cleaner.