Shrunken Sweater Solution

By Unshrinkit

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This product was recently reformulated to relax the fibers and return it back to its original size. It's an emergency sweater savior for when your favorite wool, angora, or cashmere sweater mistakenly takes a tumble in the dryer and shrinks.

  • Made in the USA: Massachusetts
  • Care Instructions: Keep at room temperature until planned usage
  • Returns clothing to original or desired size
  • Helps relax wool fibers for more gentle and effective stretching
  • Chemically formulated to relax wool fibers and return a sweater or any wool garment back to its original size
  • Protects clothing color with clear solution
  • Works in 30 minutes
  • Up to four (4) garments can be unshrunk at the same time
  • Fresh linen scent
  • Keeps clothing from being overtaxed with traditional uses of conditioners or fabric softeners
  • Suggested process: Fill sink with warm water (3 liters) and pour entire bottle of Unshrinkit into sink. Soak clothing in mixture for at least 30 minutes for maximum effectiveness. Rinse clothing under cold running water, then gently stretch to preferred size. Squeeze out any excess liquid and lay clothing on a towel to dry
  • Gloves are optional. Unshrinkit was designed for sensitive hands, but if you normally use gloves for washing dishes or handling laundry, please feel free to use them
  • Fluid Content: 8 oz.
  • Dimensions: 1.5" x 2.5" x 6.5"
  • Weight: 0.56 lb.

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Didn't work :(

10/9/2014 by Gina

Not much to say other than it just plain didn't work. I was really excited to try this on a merino wool infant sleep sack that I purchased for my first son several years ago. At some point of my sleep deprived first year, I managed to throw it in the dryer with a load of wash and it shrunk from a size that would wear well through about 18 months to a size that would work until about 9 months. A shame because a merino-lined sleep sack is really the way to go. But they are expensive- about $100 a pop. Worth it though, since you get so much wear out of them (if you don't shrink them...)

I followed the directions as written on the bottle and was still not able to "reshape" the garment to it's original size- or even close. I honestly can't see a difference at all. Except for where I actually tore it near a seam when I thought maybe "reshape" meant "pull." I'm disappointed but for 10 bucks, it was worth a try!
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It didn't work.

10/9/2014 by James

It didn't work.


unshrinkit didn't

10/8/2014 by Linda

I had such high hopes for this product since I had knit a blanket for my son and it has inadvertently been put in the washer and dryer - and shrunk and stiffened. Unfortunately Unshrinkit did not help. The blanket is slightly softer and larger, but not appreciably - and now it has a foul odor from the product. I have left it outside to air, sprayed febreze, wiped it down with a softener sheet and other 'tricks' and it still smells chemically and unpleasant - so unpleasant the blanket is unusable.More > < Less


Didn't work for me

10/7/2014 by Caroline

Didn't work at all. Sweaters ended up smaller. :(

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Unshrinkit - Shrunken Sweater Solution

About Unshrinkit

Reversal of misfortune

After inadvertently putting her brand new cashmere sweater in the wash and dryer, Unshrinkit co-founder, Desiree Stolar, did what any resourceful, modern day woman would do—she turned to the Internet for guidance. While she came across plenty of home remedies, nothing worked. That’s when she teamed up with some fellow Harvard Business School graduate students to invent Unshrinkit.

With the help of a chemical engineer, Desiree and company co-founders Nate Barbera and Matt Kahn developed​ a liquid solution specially devise​d ​to interact with shrunken, bunched up wool, cashmere, and angora to elongate, straighten, and restore the fibers back to their original "unshrunk" condition. There was such a great response, that they kept innovating and recently introduced a better-than-ever formula.

Now, when your favorite sweater takes an accidental tumble in the dryer and ends up smaller than you’ll ever be, there’s no need to dismay. Simply dunk that sweater in a bottle of Unshrinkit mixed with water for 30 minutes, rinse, stretch, and lay flat to dry.