Shrunken Sweater Solution

By Unshrinkit

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This product was recently reformulated to relax the fibers and return it back to its original size. It's an emergency sweater savior for when your favorite wool, angora, or cashmere sweater mistakenly takes a tumble in the dryer and shrinks.

  • Made in the USA: Massachusetts
  • Care Instructions: Keep at room temperature until planned usage
  • Returns clothing to original or desired size
  • Helps relax wool fibers for more gentle and effective stretching
  • Chemically formulated to relax wool fibers and return a sweater or any wool garment back to its original size
  • Protects clothing color with clear solution
  • Works in 30 minutes
  • Up to four (4) garments can be unshrunk at the same time
  • Fresh linen scent
  • Keeps clothing from being overtaxed with traditional uses of conditioners or fabric softeners
  • Suggested process: Fill sink with warm water (3 liters) and pour entire bottle of Unshrinkit into sink. Soak clothing in mixture for at least 30 minutes for maximum effectiveness. Rinse clothing under cold running water, then gently stretch to preferred size. Squeeze out any excess liquid and lay clothing on a towel to dry
  • Gloves are optional. Unshrinkit was designed for sensitive hands, but if you normally use gloves for washing dishes or handling laundry, please feel free to use them
  • Fluid Content: 8 oz.
  • Dimensions: 1.5" x 2.5" x 6.5"
  • Weight: 0.56 lb.

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Unshrinking a sweater

10/7/2014 by Christine

I was very excited about this product but the result was just so so. It unshrunk my Roberto Rodriguez sweater a tiny bit but not as much as I expected. I followed the instructions carefully but noticed if you pulled vertically, it "draws" up horizontally and if you pulled horizontally, it "draws" up vertically. Basically the solution does not relax the fibers much to make a big difference. For example, your sleeve may lengthen but it will be tight as you're basically just tweaking the direction of the fabric... not that the fabric is so loosen that it gives in all direction that you want. PLUS, I was horrified
at the smell - it wasn't like pungent, but you could smell that you're using a chemical..I had to open the garage to air out my one sweater. All in all a great idea but I think this product needs a bit more work. If I have better luck with the next garment, I'd be happy to post but sorry, this needs more work.
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No luck...

1/14/2017 by Linda

I recently purchased two bottles of unshrinkit. I tried the product on 4 sweaters.. with no success. I followed the instructions explicitly, not wanting to make a bad situation worse.. but they're still unwearable. I've worn wool sweaters for over 50 years and never had a problem with them shrinking.. but they were shetland wool, not merino. These were the first merino wool sweaters so perhaps it's the type of wool (merino) that's the problem? Not sure.. I contacted the company asking for suggestions, but have yet to hear back from them. While it's nice to have a second bottle on hand, I probably won't purchase the product again.More > < Less


No miracle here

5/26/2016 by Janine

Although soaking a couple of sweaters in the solution did loosen the stitches, it certainly did not release the knitted fabric to a as new quality. And then there is the order of the solution. It smelled strongly of dry cleaning fluid. Has to hand wash item again in Woolie to make it wearable.More > < Less


Unshirinkit Bad Smell

2/2/2015 by Lucy

Product seemed to have worked better on wool blends than it did on cashmere. The bad thing is it has left a very bad odor on the sweaters. I have washed them (with Woolite) twice and can still smell the chemical odor.

The instructions say to rinse and then shape and lie flat to dry after the unshrinking process. After that you are definitely going to have to rewash the sweaters before wearing them.
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1/23/2015 by Chris

I'm not sure this was worth it. I had a wool Irish sweater that had been washed and dried. It went from an XXL to an XS. When I saw this, I thought it would be a great way to return it to an XXL. Not so much. I followed the directions to a T and was not happy with the results. It did not return the sweater to its original size or shape. The thread is still very tight but the size did increase some. Probably now a L. I'm not sure it's all that it says it is. I have another bottle and will try it again if I shrink something. Hopefully that won't happen.More > < Less

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Unshrinkit - Shrunken Sweater Solution

About Unshrinkit

Reversal of misfortune

After inadvertently putting her brand new cashmere sweater in the wash and dryer, Unshrinkit co-founder, Desiree Stolar, did what any resourceful, modern day woman would do—she turned to the Internet for guidance. While she came across plenty of home remedies, nothing worked. That’s when she teamed up with some fellow Harvard Business School graduate students to invent Unshrinkit.

With the help of a chemical engineer, Desiree and company co-founders Nate Barbera and Matt Kahn developed​ a liquid solution specially devise​d ​to interact with shrunken, bunched up wool, cashmere, and angora to elongate, straighten, and restore the fibers back to their original "unshrunk" condition. There was such a great response, that they kept innovating and recently introduced a better-than-ever formula.

Now, when your favorite sweater takes an accidental tumble in the dryer and ends up smaller than you’ll ever be, there’s no need to dismay. Simply dunk that sweater in a bottle of Unshrinkit mixed with water for 30 minutes, rinse, stretch, and lay flat to dry.