The Odin Dog Puzzle Toy

By Up Dog Toys

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Keep your dog’s body and brain busy with the Odin Dog Puzzle Toy. Fill it with food or treats, and let your pup push it around to release. Its shape rolls and bounces unpredictably, promoting mental stimulation as well as slower eating. Inspired by art and geometric design, it’s good-looking, too, with no childish colors or noises.

  • Material: TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)
  • Care: Dishwasher safe. The Odin is not made to be a chew toy or to be forced open
  • Put treats into the integrated flaps and let your dog toss and roll the Odin to get the treats out
  • BPA-free and safe for food
  • Keep your dog stimulated mentally and physically while having a toy that fits in your home
  • Attach two or more toys to keep the toy fresh and change the way your dog plays with it
  • Holds one cup of food
  • Safe for dogs, big and small
  • Designed so that it isn't too small or weak to be easily broken, but not too heavy for small dogs to enjoy
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 3.6" x 3.3" x 3.8"
  • Weight: 0.38 lb.

90 Reviews (3.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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She likes it!

8/25/2016 by Meem

Great toy that keeps our busy gal engaged. Very good toy and really sturdy!


Great puzzle toy

6/30/2016 by Normandie

My dog loves this toy. I put his kibble in it and he pushes it, nudges it, bounces it and bites it to get the kibble out. It's a great idea and I highly recommend it.More > < Less


Love it!!

6/28/2016 by Sandra

My dog gets so excited when she sees me filling it up she can't hardly stand it!! Great item!!!


Works as advertised!

3/10/2016 by Louise

I have a 13"-high, 15-pound Schnauzer who loves this ball. It is made out of tough enough rubber to keep her from tearing it up. The rubber makes it quiet on a wood floor, and prevents it from shooting off under the furniture. The squared edges also keep it from shooting away, but it can still be pushed around and made to roll. The treats come out reliably. It is large for our dog, but she can still manage to get a hold of it with her teeth when she wants to move it around somewhere. Although a little supervision is still necessary, this definitely keeps her occupied without us having to be fully attentive.More > < Less


My dogs' favorite toy!

3/5/2016 by constance

My dogs adore this toy. Of course they are miniature dachshunds, so maybe large dog owners have more to worry about, as far as their dogs chewing this thing to bits and then choking. But as for my little ones, they love it! They chew at it and nothing has come off it yet, though I check it now and then to be sure. One of them likes to put one paw on it and use her nose to nudge it around to get the treat; the other prefers the rolling method. She nudges it with her nose all over the place until the kibbles fall out, one by one. In any case, while I respect other owners' objections, the Odin is a favorite in my house. Woof!More > < Less

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About Up Dog Toys

Will Work for Treats

Walks and playdates are important for our pups, but mental exercise is crucial, too. The Odin Dog Puzzle Toy will keep your pooch intellectually stimulated, and look good doing it.

Insert treats into the flaps. Your dog needs to use his body and his brain to release them as the geometric shape bounces and moves unpredictably. It’s ideal as an exercise for high-energy dogs. Or fill it with food to feed dogs who eat too fast.

With two different-sized holes, small treats come out easily while bigger ones are more challenging. Have a larger dog who needs more treats? Attach two Odins together.

Founder Michelle Moy wanted to design an entertaining toy that was actually attractive. The Odin has a sleek, modern look and no dreaded squeaker. When your pup slobbers on it, just throw it in the top rack of the dishwasher. And even though it’s durable, the Odin isn’t meant to be a chew toy.

Keep your pup busy and wagging—give him a puzzle!