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This three-wheeled, all-terrain folding hand truck can haul 77 pounds of groceries and supplies up and down stairs. Load up its three-tiered bags with anything you might need. And when you’re done, UpCart folds down to just over four inches for super easy storage. It’s ready to lend a hand with whatever you’re hauling.

  • Materials: Aluminum, plastic, ripstop nylon
  • Reduces the effort required to move objects up and down stairs, uneven surfaces, and terrains by up to 30%
  • 3-wheel patent-pending design improves stability and balance
  • Engineered for high functionality and longevity
  • Features large capacity 3-tiered bag (25 gal capacity per bag)
  • Folds to compact size for easy storage
  • Features non-marking rubber tires
  • Powder coating makes frame more resistant to chips and scratches
  • Holds 77 lbs.
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Unfolded: 22.64" x 23" x 45"; Folded: 23.7" x 24.8" x 4.6"
  • Weight: 10.7 lbs.

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Pretty good

5/23/2017 by Ann

Although the cart looks exactly like the picture, it was difficult to get my cart to that point. I had to call on my next door mechanic neighbor to push the wheel locking mechanism down which involved as he said, "Be careful. It bites. ". I'm going to keep it because I believe it will perform it's purpose of hauling groceries up stairs, but I don't think I'll be collapsing it.More > < Less


Not that great

5/15/2017 by Rbee

I bought these for my daughter because she buys groceries for a family of 4, and then has a bunch of steps to carry them. She said this was too rickety and she didn't feel confident in pulling it up the stairsMore > < Less


Not what I expected

12/18/2018 by Sherry

Ordered this for my daughter. Very hard to put together. Hurt his finger and didn’t see caution note until it pinched his finger. Returned it.More > < Less



6/26/2017 by Duke

Looks good. Functionality not there yet. Support wires. Bend with 32 lbs of weight and getting up to the second floor of my Condo was not a breeze. Good idea BUT needs more Thank you for reading my postMore > < Less


Love it & hate it

6/16/2017 by Mary

Pro: moves 6 heavy grocery bags from car, up steps, into kitchen easily. Con: this cart's joints are stiffer than mine! It took 2 adults about about 30 minutes to get the latch that holds the handle in place to lock. Now it can't be disengaged. To get the platform lowered so the cart is usable I have to stand on it. I don't have room to store it when it's open. To raise the platform I have to lay it on the floor braced against the wall & push with all my might. I wind up face down on the cart.
It won't fit in the box with the handle upright so I can't return it. I'll use it till it breaks or I get injured.
It's a shame because it works well when expanded.
Recommended only for the young & strong. Arthritic senior citizens should avoid it.
2 stars because it works but is extremely difficult to open.
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Virtually any surface is fair game for these all-terrain, folding hand trucks.

UpCarts can trek through sandy beaches and scale stairs like it’s nobody’s business. Whether you’re at the beach or going from your car to the front door, these rugged helpers travel light and fold flat.

The carts have three super-tough wheels that do the heavy lifting up and down stairs. You’ll have an extra pair of “hands” after a thorough trip to the grocery store or the bustle of a move out day.

Robust and easy-to-store, UpCarts are ready to ease the load wherever you go.