Paneer & Queso Blanco - 8 batches

By Urban Cheesecraft

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Includes everything you need to make Cheese, Paneer or Queso Blanco. Easy-to-follow instructions and materials. Just add pasteurized milk, eat cheese in about one hour.

  • Made in the USA: Portland, OR
  • Kit includes: 2 instruction booklets, fine cheesecloth, dairy thermometer, citric acid, cheese salt, and 1 cheese mold
  • You do not need raw milk to make cheese. You can use regular pasteurized milk from the grocery store as long as it is not ultra-pasteurized or UHT, ultra-heat pasteurized
  • Each kit makes 8 batches of cheese, each about 1.5 lbs.
  • Shelf life for each kit is 5 years
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 6" x 4" x 4"
  • Weight: 0.69 lb.

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Fun gift

12/30/2017 by Billie

Bought 4 to give as gifts. So far everyone loved them. Unique Christmas present. Fast delivery. Good deal.


So much fun and great cheese!

6/27/2015 by Liz

I bought this kit when I was having old friends visit for the weekend. I had to cook when they were there and they love to cook. I wanted them to have fun and be involved so I told them...you are making cheese today. They both went at it like gangbusters and lo and behold we had a wonderful mild cheese to go with our fresh tomatoes. It actually makes a large amount of cheese so you'll have it for quite awhile. It really was delicious. I can't wait to try it myself but my friends were really getting into it and it tasted great afterwards.More > < Less



1/22/2015 by janice

I bought this for my daughter who loves cheese. She had problems finding the special milk, so substituted regular milk. She said it was fun and easy to make, tasted great, but did not look so good.More > < Less


Great idea!

1/2/2015 by Leila

I bought this as a special gift for my sister and she was thrilled with it. She hasn't used it, yet, but she is looking forward to it.


Very yummy

12/3/2014 by Diane

This is sooo easy to use and everything you need is in kit!

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Urban Cheesecraft - DIY Cheese Kits

About Urban Cheesecraft

Cheese Making 101

When Claudia Lucero set out to try her hand at cheesemaking, she was surprised at how difficult it was to find supplies and overwhelmed by some of the special equipment that some recipes required. After all, cheesemaking has been going on for centuries. Should it really be this complicated to try in a modern home? None of us has calibrated presses, humidity gauges, and acidity testers in our home kitchens.

After lots of research and perseverance, Claudia refined her own techniques for making fresh cheeses that don’t require aging and can be made at home with little or no special equipment. Now she’s sharing her experience with fellow aspiring cheesemakers.

With an Urban Cheesecraft DIY Cheese Kit, all you need is a gallon of pasteurized milk (not ultra-pasteurized). The kits include the rest of the supplies such as cheesecloth, a dairy thermometer, vegetarian rennet, citric acid, and cheese salt. (Supplies vary depending on the kit you choose.) Just follow the instructions, and in about an hour, you’ll have fresh mozzarella, ricotta, queso blanco, paneer, or goat cheese. Once you get the hang of it, you can have fun experimenting with different spices, shapes, and recipes. Your taste buds will love the effort.