Glass Tabletop Produce Saver

By VeggiDome

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This glass-top produce container keeps veggies as fresh as the fridge can while it places them front-and-center in the kitchen. The dome keeps moisture in to prevent fruit and veggies from drying out, and the lid allows natural ethylene gas to escape to prevent wilting. Now when they are in sight, these good-for-you foods are more likely to be eaten.

  • Materials: Glass, stainless steel colander
  • Care: Hand wash with mild soap and water
  • Includes: One hand blown glass dome with lid and base, one stainless steel colander
  • Instructions: Use with fresh, unpeeled whole vegetables. Wash vegetables before placing them in the dome, see full use instructions for more details
  • Tabletop server keeps veggies ready to eat, on the table or counter for up to six days
  • Helps reduce food waste by keeping vegetables visible and top of mind
  • Glass dome creates humid environment that keeps produce fresh without wilting
  • Lid allows ethylene gas to escape, allowing vegetables to last longer
  • Large size holds enough veggies for a few days
  • Can be used for both vegetables and fruits
  • Colander keeps vegetables from sitting in water after washing and allows moisture to circulate
  • Please note: Condensation may naturally form on the dome while in use. Ethylene sensitive vegetables like kale, broccoli, and cauliflower should be eaten within 2 days. Only use with fruits that need ripening like peaches and avocados. Do not store apples or bananas in the dome
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 12" x 9" x 7.5"
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs.

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I like it


Have used it for peaches and tomatoes. Right now cucumbers and tomatoes. Would probably have liked it bigger but it works very well.


Looks Great and Works!


I purchased this product to give to my niece and her husband after they remodeled their kitchen. Wanted to give them something that looked great and fit into their décor. The VeggiDome did just that. So it replaced an open basket with fruit flies flying all around and my niece loves it. They have fruit in the dome all the time and they say it ripens and keeps the fruit from spoiling.More > < Less


Excellent product


I absolutely love this product. I have always had fresh vegetable go bad on me in the refrigerator which was out of sight/out of mind. This year, they are on the cabinet and as I look at them, I decide how to incorporate them in my meals etc. They last about two weeks in this glass produce saver and I love, love, love it.More > < Less


Fantastic and amazing!


I LOVE my Veggie Dome. I put several different fruits and veggies in every week and empty it. I also don’t have issues with mold, you just need to make sure everything is dry. If you still have issues try storing a different item in the dome. Once you figure out what works great in your kitchen this is an amazing product!More > < Less


Keep your 5 veggies in sight


I don't eat enough fruits & veggies because they are hidden in the black hole of the refrigerator. I eat junk because it's in sight. So I bought the Veggidome to reverse this situation. It works great on carrots, sugar snap peas, and green pepper and so-so with grapes. Forget celery. I'm waiting for peaches to come into season. I have to be careful about how much I put into it because I am the only veggie eater in the house. As you can guess, I love the VeggiDome.More > < Less

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About VeggiDome

Produce Keeper

Duncan Burns created VeggiDome to serve as a produce container that makes you want to eat your veggies. While it keeps vegetables and fruit as fresh as the fridge can, it also brings them to your attention by putting them on display where they are easy to see and reach.

The freshness comes from the dome-shaped design and stainless steel colander. This creates the just-right humidity so produce won’t dehydrate or wilt, and the dome’s lid lets natural ethylene gas escape, which also helps boost freshness. It stores several days worth of fresh stuff inside, and works well with fruit you want to ripen, like peaches and plums.

While it serves as a visual reminder to snack healthier, the container can also help reduce food waste. On average about 30% of the produce we buy is forgotten and then tossed out. But with VeggiDome, it is no longer out of sight, out of mind.