French Rolling Pin

By Vermont Rolling Pins

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The French Rolling Pin’s long, elegant design features ends that taper to a slender point. Circular rotation is a breeze, making it ideal for quick work.

  • Made in the USA: Vermont
  • Material: Wood
  • Care: Hand wash. Do not place in dishwasher
  • Made For A Lifetime: Lifetime warranty is not extended to normal wear and tear, but Vermont Rolling Pins will accept returns and evaluate the pin for repair. Warranty voided by improper care; avoid soaking in water or putting pin in dishwasher
  • Tapered ends with slender points
  • Long and elegant French design
  • Hand-turned by an artisan wood turner
  • Both decorative and utilitarian, for everyday use
  • Modern sleek design with a bold feel
  • Glides along your fingertips easily
  • Quality craftsmanship guaranteed
  • Cherry: Tight grain and resistant to warping. Color: Varies from light to mid coppery-brown, darkens over time into deep reddish brown
  • Hard Maple: Strong and heavy, resistant to abrasion. Color: Varies from white cream to tan, with mixes of reddish brown
  • Walnut: Hard and dense grain, resists abuse. Color: Varies from light gray-brown to dark chocolate/purplish-black
  • Dimensions: 20" x 1.75" diameter
  • Weight: Cherry: 0.7 lb.; Hard Maple: 0.75 lb.; Walnut: 0.6 lb.

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12/23/2014 by Jan

A truly beautiful, superbly crafted tool. Balanced and smooth as glass.



12/22/2014 by Janice

I bought the walnut rolling pin for my daughter-in-law. She loves it and I'm in her good graces forever! Beautiful and wonderful product.



12/21/2014 by Alison

This rolling pin has a slightly more severe taper than my other French style rolling pin, so I can manipulate the dough a bit more creatively. I really like how it feels in my hands. It is a wonderful tool.More > < Less


Vermont rolling pin

12/7/2014 by Marilynn

I recently purchased 2 of these beautifully crafted works of art, one for my niece for a Christmas gift, one for myself. Today I used it for holiday baking and it was Fantastic! The look, the feel, the strength and durability of this product is a win all the way around. I would highly recommend it to all professional and amateur bakers. It will certainly enrich your baking experience.More > < Less


Beautifully crafted

12/4/2014 by Elaine

I had always admired the handmade look of the narrow rolling pins, but I was more than delighted when my gorgeous walnut pin arrived! So excited to have it - and would make an incredible gift to an aspiring pastry chef!More > < Less

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Vermont Rolling Pins - Hand-turned Rolling Pins

About Vermont Rolling Pins

Perfect Crust

Properly rolled dough is crucial to many a culinary delight, be it pasta, pie, or tart. With a balanced, sturdy feel in your hand, and smooth, assured action on the countertop, Vermont Rolling Pins are artistry in motion.

Each starts as a block of artisan wood, carefully chosen for its grain and color by Maker and lifelong Vermonter Ken Freeman. (We smiled upon learning that the types of wood Ken uses sound like perfect pie ingredients: maple, cherry, and walnut.)

With patience and intuition, Ken hand-turns each rolling pin in his mountainside workshop as his watchful eye brings out the wood’s character. He sands until the pin reaches a satiny finish, then seals it with a protective beeswax mineral oil that enhances the natural beauty.

Vermont Rolling Pins make great gifts, but their handling and appearance are so superior you may just want your own. These heirloom quality instruments are made to be used—and admired—for generations.